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Veet nair

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What can you shave your vagina with besides a razor?

Do you think nair would be safe the hair removal cream? Because when I use the razor I end up cutting up myself and by the end of the day im in pain using razors dont work for me.


How to get your legs smooth

I shave my legs but they have like really obvious razor bumps and stuff.
I've tried Nair, but it doesn't work.

And my mom doesn't know I shave. So, what can I do to get rid of these bumps without her knowing about it?

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What is best for gettin rid of pubic hair,lasts longest,smooth?

Just want to know what is best way to get smoothest look/feel. Like veet or shaving vs waxing

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Hair removal cream

What are some good over the counter hair removal cream that
I can use for anywhere on me??

(mostly facial)

Btw..I want to know a good one
That doesnt cause irritation..

And nair is off the list
So dont mention that one.


Female Genital Shaving

How do I shave me vagina without hurting myself. Should I use Nair shaving creme or just use a shaver. I want to go all bald, even at the bottom. I usually just shave the top part and could never reach the bottom part. What should I do?


how to get rid of cuts?

once I used nair on my legs I brooke out in a rash and of course I did the stuipd thing and iched now I have scabs ALLup and down my legs how do I get rid of dem any cream brands you can suggest I apprecate diss pleaseHELP!!!

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Hair grows back thicker?

Ok so I shaved my area before and it grew back thicker and not so soft :( If I was to shave or Nair my arms I assume the same thing would happen? I told my mom about how when I shaved it grew back worse and she's calling me a liar. She says that doesn'...


Should I let her shave her legs?

My 11 year old has been asking me to let her shave her legs (or nair them).she is a cheerleader, and it embaresses her to have hairy legs (not that they are hairy...I can't really tell). I was not allowed to shave my legs until 7th grade, that is 2 ye...

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what is the best thing to use when removing hair from down there?

i shave right now, but its such a hasel with the bumps and ingrown hairs, andhaving to do it ALL the time! does nair or any other creams work better than that i know waxing is a great way if you can take pain, what is the best kinda wax to use.


Darker skin

Hey there can anyone tell me how can I lighten my darker skin at my armpit area and why is it getting dark. I use to wax it, but whenever I dont have time to do that, I just use nair removal cream or shave it off. Now I have realized that my skin color...


How can I prevent a rash or razer bumps when shaving down there?

I shave all of it but a landing strip. I use to wax but it was too painful so then I used nair, but i did not like the chemicals in it so now I shave. The problem is I get a rash and bumps and its irritating. How can I prevent these. and if there is a ...


Painless intimate hair removal?

Question; this maybe inappropriate for some people but I need to know...

Is there anyway I can remove hair from "down there" **intimate** painless? And w/o shaving??? I heard of something called nudfree but can not fond it anywhere!! I want like a na...


What's a really good epilator?

I've never used an epilator, but I hate shaving, waxing doesn't work for me, and Nair irritates my skin. I would prefer a cordless epilator. Also people always recommend "beginner epilators" to me, but I don't want a beginner one. I want one everyone w...


another way to remove pubic hair??

shaving irritates and gets old after a while,paying someone to wax is expensive and veet aint made for jay-jay's.

can sombody tell me some seriously good products that remove pubic hair that can be used around the outer folds that wont leave me with...


What are these small bumps on my stomach?

I just lifted up my shirt, and there were small pinkish (they are mostly my skin color) bumps on my stomach. They came out of no where. I used "nair" which is a hair removing lotion. I used it on my legs and stomach, but the bumps are only appearing o...


How can I make all my pubic hair completely go away?

ok, here's my problem...
I hate having public hair, so I shave it all the time... using "veet" for sensitive skin..
but it doesn't go completly... and it's making me mad!! I want it ALL SHAVED!!
very clean... and clear!! I don't wanna see hair, AT AL...

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How to use hair removal cream properly and remove all the hairs?

So after having trouble with a razor & not getting the rusts I want I have swapped to veet hair removal cream. Some people say you need to rub it in & some say you leave blobs on top of the hairs? I'm not too sure and I dot want to go wrong. I have rea...


What can I do about my hairy arms?! I'm a girl?

when I was little like 7 I shaved the hair on my arms off cause I didnt like the fact that there was hair on them cause I thought there was to much and I didnt know they would grow back black and thick and longer and now they are really hairy and unatt...

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How to get rid of pubic hair? friend and I were talking and she wanted to know how to get rid of your pubic hair to where it leaves your v*g*na smooth??? because her boyfriend wants to give her head but she doesnt want him to have the pubs and neither does he... but is ther...


DIY hair removal wax?

Im sick of shaving my pubic grows back the next day,darker,and thicker than ever.And I can nver shave it close enough anyways.
I've been looking in the stores for wax,but all I can find is that 40$ crap which you need to buy the heater for too....


Would this length of hair work for waxing?

I know I already asked about waxing but I'm still confused :S So i know my hair will not be long enough to wax on my legs by the weekend (like i sad before im going camping and i dont feel like shaving every day) the length is barely 1/8 of an inch on ...

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Shaving down there to wear a cute bathing suit going to camp and this year they only allow us to wear one pieces so I went to old navy to find one and it was so cute but it showed that area down there like how it shows on that model.. I want to remove that hair thats down there but I dont...


My mum wont let me shave

Ok so im 15 and yeah I shave my legs etc in secret because my mum thinks I dont need to at my age I tried talking to her but she ignores me, well razors never get rid of all the hair under my arms I mean like they are still dark after and on my legs I ...

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Happy trail growing back disgusting

God I feel so gross.. I feel like a man..
I made the stupid decision to shave my happy trail for about a year now..and I've doing it ever since,but for no reason! I don't know..there was never even anything there..and now it just grows back thick like ...


How do you shave your "down yonder"?

alright, I dont want to ask anyone I know about this one. not even my closest friends, and my best friend wasnt too uh, explanatory. so id rather anonymously ask.

How do you shave your "down yonder"?

and yes, I mean vagina. its just funnier to say th...


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