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Does anyone like emos?

do anyone like emos

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Why do pubic hairs have a white tip?

COMPLETELY RANDOM BUT... why does pubic hairs have a white tip? and why does hair that has been plucked before if you pluck em again, the tip is black... (this 2nd question is not about pubes< more about eyebrows, lol) ... ??... answer pleezz!!! :-)


How . I pierced my carlage witha sewing neddle . Waht can happen ?

A few days ago I pierced my cartliage myelf . With a sewing needle . My parents were fine with it but its red and sore and it hurts to touch it and sleep on it . I clean it 2 times a day with clairs ear care stuff . What can happen to my ear . Is it ba...


What Is The Prescription Pill For Acne Called?

What Is That Pill ( You Take In Your Mouth) For Acne Called? If You Use It What Is The Affects On You? Do They work


Making some of my hair blonde, look good with dark eyebrows?

Ok so I was thinking about making some of my hair ontop blonde... Do you think it would look good even though I have dark eyebrows? My hair looks different from that now.


Why do some people get freckles & some don't ?

I have freckles, & i hate them. |:


Do you need to wet your legs before using Veet?

Whenever you use the Veet Shaving kits with the bladeless razor and depilitory cream, do you have to get your legs wet before you use it, or do you just leave them dry? Answers would be appriciated!!

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What size boobs is too big?

How big is too big. do guys like big ones or are they happy with little ones ??

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What Should I Do About My Hair Its Making Me Depressed?

I dye my hair every month or so, so that my roots dont show, I dye it dark brown, However I felt like a change a few weeks ago so my mam (who is a hairdresser) bleached my hair, I knew it would go ginger but I just wanted a change, after two bleaches w...


what are some home remedies for blackhead removal?

what are some home remedies for blackhead removal? please


Best way to prevent contact lenses from drying out?

Best way to prevent contact lenses from drying out? When I wear my contacts for too long, they get very dry. I have some saline eyedrops, but they don't seem to do the trick when I use them. Ideas or suggestions?


How do I get Manic Panic Vampire Red out of my hair?

My hair is naturally brown and I bleech it, then dyed it Vampire red. I've had it for a month and really like it but now its starting to fade to orange. Any tips on how to get it out so I can dye it back dark brown??


How to reupholster a large chair?

How to reupholster a large chair?

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What are the things on the end of a heel called and can they be replaced or repaired?

I have these heeled ankle boots. You know how on the end of heels they have a little thing of plastic on the end that's for grip or traction? Well, I've worn those down so if I try to walk in them, I start slipping. I wanted to know if I could go to th...


Can black people be gothic, emo, or dress lolita?

well Im basicly a mixture of theses three things people are always calling me emo or whatever and others make their little comments like I didnt know black people could be gothic, just like theri not gay.(I know thats ignorant) because I just naturall...


What shampoo would you recommend?

Besides garnie fructis, aussie, and herbal essense ( orange and teal bottle).


Pimple underneath my skin

I have this underneath the skin pimple! It is driving me insane! Do you know any good ways to get rid of it? I wash my face a lot, I just need the redness gone.

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How can I even out my peeling skin?

Okay, so I've only had the sunburn for two days then it instantly went tan. A few days after that. It started peeling. And now it looks sooo nasty cause I've got spots of tan where it didn't peel off still on me, while there are other parts where I'm l...


Eyebrow messed up

What would I use to fix my eyebrow lol I messed up on the right one what can I do to hide it or fix it??


How can a 13-year-old get a bigger, curvier butt?

I'm 13, 5ft and 6st 7, and I've always wanted a bigger booty/Bubble butt. My butt now isn't flat just small, is there anyway I can make it BIGGER, I'd prefer not to have to put weight on but ill try anything

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Average boob size for a teen?

I was wondering whats the average boob size for a teen? Example mines a c cup is that like to much for a teen lol im just curious? Haha

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