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Is there a way to reduce hair dye effects?

My natural hair colour is mid brown, I applied a dark brown dye and it came almost black !!!

Am going to try washing it several times, in the meantime, does anyone have any tips of how I can reduce the colour so its not at intense? I am going on h...


Do all hairsprays hold equally well?

Do all hairsprays hold equally well?


Is Nair for Men good for pubic hair removal?

is nair good for your pubic area?? has anyone tired it??

does anyone know any other hair removal products that work in the genital areas?


Where do guys like piercing the most?

Where do guys like piercing the most?

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My Lips, why do people think I smoke?

I don't smoke at ALL!!! But people have been coming up to me and asking me do I smoke, because they say that I have smoker lips. But I have NEVER SMOKED IN MY LIFE. Do any one know what I can use to have my lips go back to be pink again?


How to whiten teeth really fast with out paying for it to be done

Is there anyway to do this cause im broke
And I want to have perally whites for sb


How do I get the red out of my brown hair?

well this is kind of a long story but ,
I wanted to dye my naturally dark brown hair light brown , simple enough isnt it ?
I went to a salon to get it done but ti didnt work , well it turned my roots like a ginger tint but the rest of my hair was the ...


Do all blondes have blue eyes?

Do all blondes have blue eyes??

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The shrinking waist

Does and e 1 know a quick way 2 shrink your waist?


What Do Filipinos Use to Become Light Skinned?

Ok so I'm a young Filipino girl who is a bit tan. NOT super dark but pretty tan. I love the ulzzang and feizl fashion! I would like to look more ulzzang honestly (=^ w ^=) I hear that you can consume some glutathione or metathione. I've tried whitening...

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What will happen if I dye my hair twice in two different days?

What will happen if I dye my hair twice in two different days? I want to dye it back to dark brown, right now the color is reddesh blondesh.
Thank you


Lip piercing question

Okay I just got my lip pierced this morning (on the left side)
but my mum does not know.
I am 17
I turn 18 next saturday.
if I take it out tonight, will I be able to put it back in in the monring?
and if so, can I take it out everynight up un...


Why do my eyelids burn and become sensitive after I wash makeupoff?

So, sometimes I use soap to wash my makeup off while im in the shower.
after I get out, my eyelids burn reallly bad and are almost to sensitive to touch and are kinda sticky.

what does this mean? and why does it do this?

thanks, :).


my hair won't stay brown

so I naturally have dark brown hair but a few years ago I had it blonde and ever since I went back to brown it would fade back to blond and I’ve dyed it brown so many times how do it keep the dye in? whats the best shampoo to keep it in


Do those enhancing treatments work?

Ok so im a little self-concious (<<spelled right? lol) about my breast size,I BARELY fill out and A probably a AA and im 19 and everyone says that when your 19 your pretty much done growing,at least in that area.. Needless to say,im flat cheste...


How much would a full spine tattoo cost?

I want to get it done
But curious about the price


What type of hairstyles look good with medium length black hair?

I just died my hair a very dark brown.. almost black! I want a cute hairstyle that will make me look... cute! I have Medium length hair ( a little past my shoulders) any ideas are appreciated! :)


Inexpensive way to numb skin before using an epil device?

Is there an inexpensive way to numb skin before using an epil device to remove unwanted body hair


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