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Is it possible to numb your tongue before a piercing?

im not afraid to get my tongue pierced but I was jw if there was anything you could use to make it so that you dont feel it

kinda like novacaine

are there any pills or anything

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How bad does a lip piercing hurt?

How bad does a lip piercing hurt? Like I have two tattoos and I have my ears, nose, tongue and belly button done. If I can handle all that can I handle the lip?


Can you use Crest Whitening strips with braces?

does any one no if crest whitening strips will work w/ braces aka can you use them w/ braces?

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Why do people want to get their tongues pierced?

I want to ask people who have got this piercing. How does it feel to taste things, eat, talk etc. after a Tongue Piercing.

Even tough I feel awkward for some other piercings gals do, I can accept it as people have different taste for fashion/look/styl...


How do you make a homemade tattoo gun?

How do you make a homemade tattoo gun?

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Tattoo's under the age of 16?

I want a tattoo of stars on my wrist, but im only 13.. Can I get a tattoo at the age of 13 with parents permission?

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Why won't my breasts grow?

I'm flat chested and I'm 15. I got my period at 14. They have stayed the same size since sixth grade. I don't understand why. I'm in ninth now. My cousins have bigger boobs than me. Even sixth graders. How can I make them bigger? I'm literally flat. Wi...


Cartilage and lobe piercings at the same time?

I'm 14, and have had my lobes pierced 7 times, but one time they went in crooked, and another the back sunk in, and another time they got infected (which was not my fault, we went to a friend and she decided to reuse earrings, and Then tell me after we...


How can I make my forehead look smaller?

I have quite a big forehead and I was wondering if anyone has any pointers on how to make it look smaller, please let me know..

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What is the average size bra for a 15 year old?

I'm 15 turning 16 soon. And I'm only a 30A, but I'm also 5'3 and tiny so I'm okay with my size. My mom is a 36 C. But what was your size at 15? is mine an okay size or could something be wrong?

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can i just use sharpie ink for home made tattoos?

and dont say god doesnt want you to scar your body or you'll get aids!!


How do you get rid of a pig nose?

I have a really upturned pigs nose, so bad that people can see up my nostrils just by looking at me...what can I do?


Tongue piercing ripped :O

I got my tongue done about a month ago
but its ripped a bit like only a few mm's or so. but its made a dent in my tongue and my piercing has gone into it (its not stuck or as gross as it sounds and its defo not infected)
I asked my piercer yesterday ...


How can I stop being so incredibly insecure about my nose?

I cant even take a picture of myself, and i hate going out because of my nose. My nose looks like the nose in this photo.
Is there any way i can stop this and i can make it smaller, makeup wise or for good (without a...


How soon can I change my ball on my tongue ring?

I just got my tongue pierced about 5 days ago, the long bar is getting really aggravating when I try to eat. I was wondering how soon could I change from the long bar to the shorter bar?


What do full lips mean?

Hello..well a while ago I asked a question about big lips... I got all 12 positive answeres most said guys prefer big lips..well at school, why du boys take tha p outta them then ? Theres this girl shes also got big lips yes isnt thaa prettiest person ...

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Difference between a scissor and razor hair cut?

What's the difference in getting your hair cut with a razor and scissors like what's the razor do to your hair that the scissors can't. I'm thinking about getting my hair cut with a razor so I wanted to know the difference


Which side do people usually get their eyebrows pierced?

I want to get my eyebrow peirced, and my mom said it's chill if I pay. So ima pay, then get it pierced and all, but which side should I get it pierced, right or left? Look at my pics and tell me which side you think would look pierced better... Please ...


Serious Question - How do I make my hair nappy?

I want dreads, and I've even had them before, but they've never locked. The first time I got dreads, they were alright. They started getting nappy, but they did not lock! I took those out, and someone else did them. This time they were like little curl...


How much does a wrist tattoo cost?

The artist said inbetween 60$-$80. How much do you think exact? I am getting; "live & learn" in cursive on the inside of my wrist. No colour.


how can I fix my hair that has been damaged beyond repair?

I've bleached my hair twice and dyed it once.
I streighten my hair 5/7 mornings a week.(I dont curl or crimp) I have too many split ends and its always frizzy and poofy. its also wavey but not the cute kind,the firzzy,poofy,dry,wavey underneith and st...


Which piercing doesn't hurt at all?

Which piercing doesn't hurt at all?
I want to get somewhere pierced but I don't know where. Is there like somewhere that doesn't hurt at all??


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