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Women preferrence men cologne

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Why do females need so many handbags?

A women only need 3 to 4 different handbags white black brown and blue. Thats it whats up with having green orange and all the other colors ..let me no whats up...


Where can a person find a pair of cowboy boots (woman's) size 12w?

I have a size 11-12 foot and I want a pair of cowboys boots, I DO NOT WANT MEN'S!!!! I WILL NOT WEAR THEM!!! So I need to know where I can get a pair of cowboy boots in a size 12Wide...

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What should I buy, a malibu or a vibe?

I want advice from someone that knows about cars. I want to buy a 2007-2009 vehicle. I really like the malibu and the vibe. Where to buy? Within 50 miles of Buffalo preferrably.


Best quality prices with cheap cost that was offered by unnatisilks

For women wear there are many sites but only few sites will offer good quality products with best prices in that unnatisilks offers best quality with lowest prices.You also visit unnatisilks and enjoy your shopping


Where to buy good skinnies?

I like to wear skinnies and I want some in really dark colors and to not be the annoying stretchy material which is part spandex... the cheaper the better... so non stretchy dark skinnies for men, where online can I buy them?


Where can I get cute boots?

I want somehting furry and tall,Perhaps a bit below my knee.
Winter boots.
Preferrably Black
Looking to spend under 100 if possible

any good stores?


Where can I buy these gold Supras?

I saw a picture of Ke$ha wearing them & I loved them. I need them in a 7 or 7.5 (women's sizing). Anyone know where I can buy them?


what handbags are popular in fashion?

Besides berken bags or jelly bags are there any handbags that are super popular nowadays? My cousin is trying to buy his wife a gift and she is heavy into fashion. Ah, women and the curse of the purse.


What should I get him for Christmas?

What should I get him for Christmas? Every year I have the hardest time figuring out what to get the male half of my family for christmas. I've done cologne, socks, and sports equipment. Any novel ideas would be appreciated.


Where can I find these HOT PINK PUMPS ?

remember I need HOT PINK PINK PINK (:

I cant spend over $40

if youre going to say ebay please send the exact link



Where can I buy one of these shirts?

Where can I get a cute short sleeve plaid collar shirt,the ones everyone is wearing now???name brand tho,does urban outfitters sell them?also do they make ugg boots high in mens?


What can I buy my girlfriend 4 xmas help?

I need help on buyin my girlfriend a present 4 xmas she is 28 years old and like most women has most things ie jewellery perfumes that kind of stuff I am looking 4 something different this year any ideas people?


what should I get him, is this good ?

my boyfriend is 19 years old
I want to get him something nice for valentines day
I was thinking of a cologne with a teddy bear holding a small bag of chocolate
guys would you like if your girl gave you that ?
do you think is a good idea?


Shops Like Pacsun? That Ship Everywhere

Okay I went on holiday to orlando during the summer and found Pacsun and it's AMAZING the women told me in July that they could ship anywhere in the world but when I got home I realised that was all false.
So does anyone know any shops like Pacsun tha...


What is up with the Palm Treo phone?

How come everyone keeps sporting the Treo and no one seems to use the little keyboard on it. I think that the Palm Treo should be marketed to teenage girls and men who Tivo decorating shows.

Who really buys that phone and why do they sport it like ...


Plain V Neck Shirts for Cheap

Where can I buy v neck shirts for a cheap price? I want just like plain colors like purple, green, black, etc... I would prefer a link to a shirt please. I kinda want like what Mitchell Davis (LiveLavaLive on youtube) wears but for women. Thanks in adv...


Christmas and birthday

its my boyfriends birthday soon and its kinda sorta near christmas so were exchanging christmas and his birthday the same day but I dont know what to get him I dont want to just get him stupid candy of shirts of cologne cause its the first christmas an...


What should I get my boyfriend for his 16th birthday?

what should I get my boyfriend for his 16th birthday? we have been going out for a year and 2 months. he likes and classic rock. hes a really simple guy so cologne or a watch wouldnt be good. but I just can't think of what to g...

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what size north face jacket for me im like 5'2 135lbs. size 8?

I cant figure out if I should get a womens size small or medium! I want to be able to wear like a long sleeve shirt/sweater or something like that underneath it but I dont want the jacket to be baggy on me! I need to know asap! thanks!


What is a good birthday present for him?

Ok it's my boyfriends birthday on Sunday he's gonna be 16 and I have no idea what to get him!!I'm so clueless! His style is skater and he's really random lol for Christmas I got him a escape the fate band shirt but I have no idea what to get him for hi...

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What are some cute gifts I can get for my boyfriend?

I kinda screwed up the other day with my boyfriend and feel horrible about treating him this way. I want to make it up to him so bad. We're still together and he agreed to hang out with me on friday. Im going to talk to him about it and apologize and ...


What to get my wife for xmas?

Ok. So I've been at a loss as to what to get my wife for Christmas but have finally come up with what I think is a winning idea and would like some input on it. (preferably from other women) :) So I was thinking: A fluffy new bathrobe, a relaxing new f...


christmas gift f0r b0yfriend

allright s0 I am f0r getting him this a sliver and sapphire blue mens bracelet and I don't know what else because all my friends 0n my team are getting them expensive stuff but the bracelet is 0nly like 100 a little m0re with shipping and handleing and...

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Good Birthday Present?

Okay, so my boyfriend's 20th birthday is Sunday.
I am going to take him out to dinner and what not, but I haven't a clue of what to get him.
Whenever I ask him, he just says nothing - well I am not going to do that.
One thing he said he wanted was t...


What do I get my boyfriend for his birthday?

Its my boyfriends birthday in a couple days. Weve been goign together for 3 years and now I have no idea what to get him. He says he dosent want me to get him anything, but thats not going to happen. Hes a funny guy always telling jokes but he also has...


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