What's the best brand of women's boots besides uggs?

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Canada Snow. Assuming you live in a country/city/town/whatever where it snows or is cold.

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I've actually never heard of canada snow lol

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I bought a honeybuy snow boots because I was looking for something warm and stylish for the winter. I live in a place that gets snow everyday from November til April so I needed something that can help me withstand the cold. These boots are perfects. They're really warm and are incredibly comfortable. They are true to size. I typically wear a 9 or 9.5. I ordered the 9 and they were perfect. My first pair were the brown ones, but I am definitely going to order the tan ones as well. Also, they came in 2 day! I am so pleased with this company. Definitely going to be a repeat buyer

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if you are looking for an online jewelry store selling products at a very nice prices, I recommend . I bought 2 rings from them, and they are really nice, and I have worn from half year ago

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