What do ten year old girls like as a Christmas present?

I need to buy something for a ten year old girl - part of school. It can’t be clothes. I know when I was ten, I still played with Barbies but some girl in my class already bought the anonymous ten year old a Barbie. What should I give her?

Answer #1

A bicycle or a wii. If your budget is low, go for some clothes or a kit with like lotions and stuff to make her believe she is old enough to use that stuff

Answer #2

Both of my sisters are 10 & I got them monsterhigh dolls & little kid makeup sets.

Answer #3

Haha that sounds like good presents :P

Answer #4

Barbie Dolls (: Movies ((Rio, Tangled, etc)) <3 Movie Passes for 3 ((A parents, them, and bestfriend)) A walmart gift card for 20 dollars Littlest Pet Shop Animals Make up sets ((Make sure they’re for older children and not 5 year olds)) Drawing Kit Painting Kit

Or you could mix’n match. Get a barbie ((5$ one)) and a little petshop animal thing ((5$)) and like 10 dollars worth of chrismas candy (:

Answer #5

These are all good, thanks :)

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