Where can I get a cheap pair or bag of earplugs and how much would they cost?

I need a good set of earplugs, how much do they cost too? If your wondering why, My mom. And her BF. Really, really loud. End of story. So they gotta be really good earplugs.

Answer #1

Most pharmacies sell them for less than $5 a bag - depending on the quantity and quality.

Answer #2

I do the same!!! lol!!! :) I work nights a lot and then have too sleep during the day. So I wear earplugs also. But sometimes then I worry if I won’t be able to hear my alarm. But amazingly I always hear my alarm with not problem. Make sure your alarm is loud if you are using the earplugs and have a back up plan for somebody to wake you up if you need to wake up early for school.

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