When a store sends you a bill can you pay with cash?

This is my first time shopping online myself. Usually my mom does it for me. When I’m ordering (since I don’t have a credit card) I filled out the billing address section. When I get the bill can I pay for it in cash or will I have to use a credit card?

Answer #1

You better ask that store. If it’s next house, you can sure go over and pay cash. The question is, will it get their books confused. If they can’t book it, they will probably ask you to make a bank transfer or something….

Answer #2

I think you answered before I had edit-ed the comment part of the questions so this isn’t the answer I was looking for ..

Answer #3

Best thing to do is to take your cash to the post office and get a Money Order. It’s illegal to send cash in the mail and it’s also not safe - if it gets lost or stolen you can’t prove it, and you’d have to pay again. A Money Order is your best bet - and you have a receipt to keep.

Answer #4

Money order is better.

Answer #5

Okay Thank you everyone but that all sound like a lot of effort that i’m not willing/ have the ability to do. I’ll just use my moms credit card

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