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Buy condom age 14

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Where can I buy the Simpsons movie?

any shops do you know?


Can the cashier lecture us about buying condoms?

I was in cvs with a bunch of people&we were looking at condoms, we werent going to buy them or anything but a women who worked there came over and told us to leave. I refused to leave though and I wanted to pay for my nail polish so I paid for it but s...


How old do you have to be to buy laxatives?

im just wondering what age have you to be to buy laxatives??


What kind of trouble do you get fr shoplifting at age 14?

Oky,so I gt caught shoplifting at jc penney I live in maryland,I steal abt $40 so da manager called da police,and they didnt arrested me dey just told me 2 pay abt $123 somethin like that and told me 2 go 2 court,I was wondring what will they do 2 me i...


Where is the best place to buy a promise ring?

Where is the best place to buy a promise ring?


place buy promise ring