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How to survive a breakup

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What to give my 19 year old boyfriend for his birthday?

So I'm 1 year together with my boyfriend, and he's turning 19 the end of the month. I seriously don't know what to give him.. I already gave him a lot of stuff for Christmas, Valentinesday, Anniversarys, you know what I mean. (Also when I went on vacat...


Where is a good place to buy a moped,four wheeler,atv,go kart?

Im trying to find a place were I can buy a atv,go cart,moped,four wheeler any ideaswere I can buy any of these for a good price.


Boyfriend present ideas

Anyone who can help I don'tknow what 2 get my boyfriend for his bday any ieas

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What can I get my girlfriend for her bday?

Ok I am 13 and me and my girlfriends have been going out for a while and her birthday is coming up and I don't know what to get her she says she doesn't want me spending money on her but I want to so any ideas would be great thanks

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Cute clothes

I'm tired of A&F, hollister and stuff.
I wanna take a break from it for a while.
where can I find cheap cute gladiator sandals?
I love them!
I like the style A&F etc. has to offer, but I just wanna take a break.
I took a look at wetseal & charlot...


How old do you have to be to buy laxatives?

How old do you have to be to buy laxatives?


Why was limited too changed to justice?

I don't know why but I went to limited too one day and the next day it was called justice but they kept the limited too bags. Why I want to know Why did limited too change it's name to justice?!


What are some gift ideas for my boyfriend?

I have tried evrything but he will not tell me what he wants for christmas. All he keeps tellin me is that he wants a hug, kiss, and to spend the whole day with me. Also that I dont need to spend money on him. I hope you can help me pick a gift for him...


Where do you buy your jewelry from, and what kind do you like?

I buy mine from Hot Topic, Spencers, Wal-Mart, and sometimes flea-markets or thrift shops.

I like jewelry with skulls, wings, tiaras, brass knuckles, and things like that. Gothic/scene type jewelry.
I love black jewelry, and some that has cool co...


Where can I buy Kerrang magazine in the U.S.?

I want the new issue of Kerrang, but I can't fing it in the U.S. I don't want to order it online. Does any one know a store that would sell it?


What should I get for a my 17 year old daughter for Christmas?

She is a girly girl, and doesn't want gift cards of any college stuff...already has a nice car...HELP! Under 100$ please.

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I broke a nalgene bottle

I heard if I send it in they will replace it and send me a t-shirt. is it true?


any ideas on gifts for a 14 year old boy?

any ideas on gifts for a 14 year old boy


What should I get my "rich" boyfriend for xmas :( ?

What should I get my boyfriend for xmas. he already has everything. but knowing him he'll get me somthing and I don't want to not get him anything. he says all he wants is to be with me. but still.. and im on a limited budget witch makes it worse. hes ...


Should I buy a thong or G-string?

I can't decide which I should buy? PLLZ!! anwer girls and boys

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Good cologne Any recommendations?

Hey, I'm thinking about buying a good smelling cologne but don't want to spend too much, or too little. Any recommendations? (I guess price should be around $30? *shruG*)


Is buying from CyberpowerPC safe? Is the CYBERPOWER B75 CONFIGURATOR a nice PC?

I've never really heard of CyberpowerPC and I'm planning on buying a CYBERPOWER B75 CONFIGURATOR (which I also have no clue if its good, but from the reviews I've read it seems legit for its price) and from what I could read from reviews its a damn goo...


What can I get my 15 yearold boyfriend for christmas?

Me and my boyfriend have been best friends for over 2 years and weve been dating for 4 months by the time christmas comes we'll be dating for 6. He's 15 and im 14.(im turning 15)but I dont know what to get him for christmas.I've already given him ingra...

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What do men like paintings of for a gift?

Im making a painting for a friend of mine for his birthday... do you think thats a good gift? do guys like paintings. its not that big though...??? he is turning 22, and is artsy


What should I get my girlfriend for her birthday were 13 years old?

We are 13 years old we been dating for a couple of weeks but her birthday is on may 25 and I dont know what to get her I need some advice can anybody help me please

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What stores are in 163rd street mall?

What stores are in 163rd street mall?


Earphones from the Dollar Tree?

So I am always needing earphones.either they brake or they get I need some new ones and I dont want to spend a lot today so does dollar tree sell earphones.


What's a good gift for a son turning 18?

Heve a son who's turning 18. Need good gift and/or activity ideas.


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