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How to survive a breakup

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Birthday gift for my 16 year old boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been going out for about a month now, and his birthday is coming up at the end of march. He's turning sixteen, and I have almost no idea what to get him. I don't want to get him anything sports or video game related, or a gift c...


I need to buy a gift that starts with Y

I am going to a wedding shower and need to find a gift that starts with Y? Any suggestions?


How to buy a pair of syl grand mod.artica shoes

Does anyone know how to buy a pair of syl grand mod.artica shoes I cant see a link on the website ? The website is the first link on google when styl grand is typed into the search engine ... :)


How much to spend on Callaway X-14 Steelhead Golfclubs?

How much should I spend on a set of Callaway X-14 Steelhead irons on ebay?

Are there any better clubs of similar caliber that may be a bit cheaper?


what do I get my 23year old girlfriend for her bday on friday ?

just need some ideas people im taking her on a romantic weekend away but I still need something as a prezzi about couple hundered £?

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What drawing supplies do you recommend?

I don't have many good inking pens, and the colored pencils I draw with aren't that good :( Which do you recommend?


Where can I get hunter green uniform tops?

I looking all over for hunter green uniform tops for my kids I cant find them.


What is 10% off $59.00?

I made a list of a bunch of things I want to get at a store and I have a coupon for 10% off and I want to fingure out how much that would be.
I think your sopposed to do 0.10 X $59.00(the total price) which would mean I would only pay $5.90..but that s...


What can I get my best friend for her birthday when I'm broke?

It is my best friends birthday and I want to get her something or do smething! I am completely broke - down to the last few ten cent pieces, what should I get her. I will have twenty dollars next week I could wait til then, but even then... what for 20...


Where can I get this shirt?

My friend really wants I run dmc shirt...does anyone know where I can get one in raleigh,nc


What to get my 12-year-old boyfriend for Christmas?

what should I get my 12 year old boyfriend for christmas

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Cheap gifts

Where to go to buy cheap gifts?


Buying Post Office items online, Please Help!

So I want to order some Delivery Confirmation Form online at the usps site. But the price says "No Charge." What does that mean? Please do help


What time on Thursday should I wait outside at Best Buy for Black Friday sales?

2011 by the way. and best buy open realy late so i'm afraid there would be a line.


Where can I rent a graduation gown near Sunnyvale, CA?

help me plz i live in sunnyvale ca henderson and i need a graduation gown now and i need to now were to rent it plz any ideas would help thnk u


What do you use to buy things off the internet if your to young to have a credit card?

my step mum wont let me buy the fake eyelashes i want with her card even though i said i would give her the money to (i have the money i just needed her to use the card) is there any way for me to get the money to it without the card its not a site tha...


Where can I buy pickle juice?

Where can I buy the juice without the pickle?


Verizon store open on Sunday?

is the verizon store open on sunday?


Nike blazers or dunks

Which sneaker would you rather nike blazers or dunks ...I dont know which 1


What should I get my boyfriend for our one-year anniversary?

I want ideas for 1 year anniversary for my boyfriend.


Hollister sessions anti-perspirant

Has anyone smelled mission beach deoderant from hollister. How good does it smell?

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Cheap Car Wheels anyone no

Does anyone no were I can get a Corsa B 18inch Car Wheels CHeap?? except for Ebay thanks


What are great places to buy unique and stunning dresses?

OK a question for all the girls: I have my formal coming up and need to find a really hot elegant dress- none of those skanky cocktail dresses - the theme is 'red carpet' so some beautiful gown but still funky would be awesome - I was just wondering wh...


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