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when will lockerz restock?

When will lockerz have the new restock?
What is the fastest way to get ptz?
If you want an invite send me an funmail with your
thats all


What age must a person be to buy extenze at a store?

What age must you be?will they tell you anything if you try to buy extenze at a store if you are under 18?


What are good Christmas gifts for a Mum?

As everyone knows Christmas is on it's way!! =) But I'm stuck for ideas on what to get my mum, she said she doesn't want a bought gift but rather that we make gifts for her. So my question is what are some cool homemade gift ideas??


- Hayley

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What are the best things to buy from japan?

they have to be things which are available online because i want to buy them for a friend right now, but i'm going japan in a few months, so i'm not going to be able to get her anything from there yet.


If something is on sale for 1/4 off the price, what's the discount?

the dress store is having a sale where all merchandise is 1/4 off. a woman buys$30 of merchandise at the sale price. what would she have to pay at the regular price?


How old do you have to be to work at a clothing store?

I'm 14, but I really want to work at a clothes store like belk, or jc penny's, or maybe even an abercrombie if we ever get one just so I can get discounts on clothes. :)
Any ideas?


What is the most popular cell phone out?

I want to get the best cell phone and I want to know where to find the most popular cellphone. Anybody up on techno-fashion?


8th Grade Graduation Dress

Go to delia's . com look at this dress called Martina's. Does it look like a good dress for an 8th grade graduation? If not does anybody have any ideas of what to wear for 9th grade graduation. By the way, I have pale skin, brown, hair and brown eyes....


How can I track my best buy order?

How can I track my order from best buy? Do I need to get an account?


How do you use an iTunes gift card?

ummmmm okay I've clearly never done this before :D I scratched off the thing on the back but I can't figure out where you enter that on iTunes…


Should I huge my boyfriend for his birthday?

I'ts my boyfriend's birthday tomorrow and we have only been going out for a week and haven't hugged or anything yet. And since it's his birthday tomorrow I want to hug him. Should I???


What should I get my boyfriend for his 16th birthday?

what should I get my boyfriend for his 16th birthday? we have been going out for a year and 2 months. he likes and classic rock. hes a really simple guy so cologne or a watch wouldnt be good. but I just can't think of what to g...

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What online shopping sites do not require a CVV code from your credit card aside from Amazon and Zappos?

I am trying to buy a last minute gift to send to my friend in Cali and the CVV is worn off my card. The credit card company is sending me a new card but it will take 2 weeks :(


How can I buy something online with a prepaid credit card?

Do you know how to use a prepaid credit card to buy something online, tell me thank you.


Summer shopping,,

Im goiin summer shopping soon,,
Any ideas on where to go?
Im looking for the more mature look,,


possible to buy a reaaally long ethernet cable for my ps3

is it possible to buy a reaaally long ethernet cable for my ps3... around 30 feet long?


Why is Hollister such a big deal?

Why is Hollister such a big deal? Everyone at my school is a Hollister zombie! There's like no originality. I think Hollister's nice but overrated! C'mon! 60 dollars for a hoodie?! I'm cheap... lol . Not only that but I like setting myself apart from...


Studded Belts?

Ok, name all the places you can get a colorful studded belt, besides Journies & Hot Topic.. Basic Places/ Common?


Computer mics

Where are some good places to buy computer mics


Black pants/jeans

Where is a good place to find them?? also camo pants, but im a girl so no guys section. if I wanted to do that id steal my boyfriend's pants.

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Can someone find any good places for anime

I can't find any shops that sell a good anime mag help me please


Where is a good place to go to find a signature scent?

I want to find a good perfume to carry around with me or wear regularly, but would like a good selection to choose from, and perhaps someone who can help me find exactly what is right for me. Is there anywhere that I can go that offers that kind of thi...


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