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How to survive a breakup

Getting over someone is hard. You've been dumped and the world is about to come to an end. Shorten the process and move on with your life with this free guide from Funadvice.


What does he mean "Not Ready"?

Okay... I have an ex & he actually is the only one I have truly loved & I didn't realize it until, well.. it was too late. Anyways... I've joined the Marines & he the Air Force & we met at MEPS, things went great & we got along very well together. I ha...


Does My Best Guy Friend Like Me? I Can't Tell!

This is long, but I'd REALLY appreciate some advice! It's a "what do I do with my best guy friend" question haha

I told my best friend, Mike, who I've known for about 7 months, that when I had first met him I had a small crush on him, but I "got ove...


Fixing a relationship?

Hello there, so i need some help here, so i've been dating this wonderful girl for 10 months now and everything was good until about 2 months ago, we both would get in arguments/fights for foolish reasons but we would make up like the next week or so a...


Change your self or wallow in lonliness and regret?

here's the deal.
I am 21 never dated-never kissed-and all that. Why? well firstly I am fat, small-breasted and generally unattractive, secondly I am as closed off from other people as they get.
I was always a late bloomer and at school when everyone ...


I cheated on my ex, left him. Now he wants me back..

A year ago I was in a 4 year relationship. We were both under a lot of pressure during our final year of Uni at that time and were drifting apart, but I can still remember the last time I saw him at a friends birthday and we were so happy to see each o...


His ex girlfriend

so my boyfriend of almost 6 months, his ex girlfriend is stil competely in love with him. she was the one to dump him and ever since she dumped him last year she keeps going up to him saying stuff like "we should get back together." now my boyfriend us...


Why wont he talk to me?

Ok.. I've got a problem. I started dating my boyfriend in 2007. We met through some friends online and its been a long distance (Texas-England) relationship. I broke up with another boyfriend to be with him because I thought we were "meant to be" but n...


What should I do?I lied about my identity, will he ever forgive me?

Used a fake name and picture. At first it was just a fun account that my friend created and then I started to develop feelings for this guy. It went on for a few months and I finally had to come clean to him because I was falling in love with him and c...


What can I do to keep us together when her Mom is so controlling?

Hi all,

So were do I begin? OK, I've been seeing my girlfriend for a little over 13 months now. We've been through hell and back together. We broke 5 months ago... when I found out she was talking to an very old ex boyfriend who was 3000 miles away - ...


What now?

Thing is this new yearz was a little crazii me and my ex boyfriend who were tgether for about 3 years on and off has been rumored to have gone out or done something with a girl named alma. Now and new yearz she appeared out of nowhere and since his fam...


How can I get over him when I still love him?

I've been going 0ut wit this guy f0r 8 m0nths he broke up with me on monday. when ihe asked me out it was the happiest day of my life I never felt this way bef0re I was so happy and I will never f0rget that day he asked meh 0ut in out f0od prep class w...


Should I stop talking to both of them?

okay this is a long story ill try to make it s short as possible..
okay so like this guy named jose in 10th grade i liked alot but im in 8th grade me and him wouldtalk alot on and offf like we would talkk for like 2 wekk straight then stop for about a ...

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Guy Trouble, I Want Any And Everyone Opinion! Please , I Need Help

What should I do?!
Ok so back in feburary I turned 16, then about a week after I turned 16 my friend told one of my guy friends , dyaln, I liked him which I did not know him that well and I did not care, but then the last wek of feburary she wante...


why do I think my girlfriend cheated on me (help please)?

okay befor you answer keep in mind this is my second relationship 1st one ended in my girl cheating so im sorta a nerotic

okay so my girl is a senior in high school I am a college freshmen, were going out for 7 months and it was great till this wee...


I told my best friend I was in love with him.

Ok, here I go, we dated for a few months and he moved away with his family, far away to the other side of the country, we kept in touch through phone calls and email but basically went on with our lives. A year and a half later I land a job not two hou...


Should I go for it or not take this to heart?

On monday, the 23rd, my mom sister her friend and I all went down to lake monroe village to stay in a little cabin and just enjoy some outdoors for a change. While we were going to the pool we saw some other people there and at first I didn't think muc...


Will I ever move on?

I seriously need advice, I have nobody to ever talk to about this and I am constantly hurting. This will probably be long, but if you have time to read and can offer advice pleeease do!!

Okay, so I just graduated highschool recently and I'm just not...


My current situation -_- please read and help ...LONG!

OK So first thing first, my mother is and idiot, to put it lightly. She looks for love in all the wrong places, she was at one point making over 100 000 dollars a year with benefits beyond belief, and she was a foster mother with good connections. In h...


What to do about this painful relationship?

What prompted me to initiate this entry is simple - my boyfriend or maybe EX-boyfriend is a major prick. We've been dating for a few months, and he's 20 years older. Originally, I was captivated by him..blinded by all the goo-goo-gaa-gaa B.S. that ne...


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