R we still perfect or are we relizing were horrible together?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 43 days. Happily until about a week or two ago, I cheated. I felt so bad cause I was totally in love with him so I told him. we fought for about 4-5 hours, and finally calmd down and stayed together. It messd up a lot. Before I cheatd we were perfect. We held hands in front of anyone never caring, kissd when ever, he held me like every second. Totally and 100% in love. We still hold hands but not as much, we fight almost every day about something stupid. Hes sensitive which I love, but I hurt him to easily. I ruin our relationship constantly with out meaning to. But thats the thing are we totally different? I want to stay with him forever, he always tells me he loves me no matter what, and lately hes been saying if we were old enough he would put a ring on my finger, I feel the same way. But the fighting makes me not hold his hand or even hug him. and im a HUGE huger, I hug anyone. any tips on how to fix things, besides not cheating???

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I've actually tried very hard to be nice to him, extremely hard. hes sensitive but he is mean to, no one knows the REAL him but me, and he hurts me to, constantly. thats why im wondering if the next fight is the one where I should end it all???

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Obviously you lack the maturity and discipline to be in such a relationship. My suggestion is to stay out of them until you have both. It's unfair to your boyfriend if you continue on like this.

Why did it happen to me? IT's horrible!!!
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LOL 43 days. I 100% agree with hivetyrant.

Almost perfect

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