Whats the best deep throat position

I've done it once for my boyfriend, & I actually enjoy doing it.
I do have gag reflexes, buttt I don't vomit on his dick & yeah.
But I was just wondering whats the best type of position.
I've done it when were going 69 witch was fine :)
But I tried when I was on my knees & he was standing up, but I can't
His dick just doesn't seem to go all the way down.


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69 position with you on top.

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try lying on your bed, face up.
but place your head off the side of the bed, so he can penetrate your throat like that. it works very well. this position opens up your throat a lot, just let him know how far down you feel comfortable with, and how fast or hard he should hump your mouth.

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You can find everything about deepthroating positions in Jack's Blowjob Lessons.

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