What tuh do?

Well you see I have the worst luck and school... im like dumb! But my boy friend makes all A's and B's when I make like all F's and D's... I mean I do study realy hard because I realy realy realy realy like him :) but im afraid he will break up with me cause of my stupitidy. and im bipolar and I know guys dont like a girl when they get mad a lot... and I realy just dont wanna loose the guy im with... WHAT DO I DO!!!

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study harder I know I wouldnt want know dummy 4 a girlfriend not saying you are a dummy
but I just saying because me myself I also make As & Bs in school nuthin lower than a B and I think the girl im dating should do the same well my girlfriend is like in
the B/ C range but as long as shes not failing were good because then she would
have to get a tutor
thats what I think you need a tutor you should try that out or ask your boyfriend to tutor u
good luck ;)

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talk to your guidance counsoler about what you can do to get better grades, or ask your teachers. go for extra help, or get a tudor, maybe. butt deffinately talk to your guidance counsoler about how to make better grades. after all, that's what they're there for! :)

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