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A question about this girl I've been talking to..

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Hello, I'm Travis. I have a question about this girl I've been talking to. I'm a 17 year old male in 11th grade. Shes also 17 in 11th grade. We first started talking about 4 months ago right after she broke up with her boyfriend. We talked for about a week then she said "I don't think we should continue with this, you're too good of a friend to me and I'd hate to screw that up." I know you're probably thinking that she never liked me in the first place. But she told her friends about me, we kissed, we talked for hours on the phone, text, hanging out. It just all seemed perfect. Things felt right when she was around. No, it was not love at first sight at all, I didn't take interest in her until we started talking more and more. We were good friends previously. Well after all that happened about 3 months later ( now ) we hadn't talked in that time period. Well, she text me one day in school after she smiled at me walking down the hallway. I could tell she was flirting, and I was okay with that. We started talking once again. Told her friends about me, talked to me all day long. Same thing as before. Well, you guesses correctly, she said the same excuse of saying I'm too good of a friend and she doesn't want to lose that. She even says how much she likes me, how cute she thinks I am, talks about me to others. So she does like me. I cant tell what is going on... It's aggravating, upsetting, and just playing stressful. In my eyes shes the perfect girlfriend. Shes a good girl doesn't smoke, drink, no drugs at all, has never cheated on someone, affectionate, beautiful, the list goes on. I want to be with her, we continue to talk everyday hoping that she'll give the relationship a try. What can I possibly do? Anyway to counter her thoughts on the matter? If its meant that we don't date then that's that. I'm definitely not in love by no means. But I just know when shes around, I feel stronger, happier, and a better all around person.