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How come some posts seem to disappear?

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The "Community" page appeared to be totally dead - no new posts in several hours, so I clicked the "People" tab to see who had recently been on the site.

I noticed a name I did not recognise and so I clicked the username (it happened to be a "daisypetersen01" to see if she had posted anything.

Daisy had evidently made 6 posts, including three that contained photos, and was surprised that none of them had obtained even a single reply.

As I had not previously seen any of those posts, I presumed they must date back to a period when I was not visiting the site.

However, upon clicking her "full profile" link ( ) I discovered that she only joined today (11/11/2013).

OK, so what has been happening to those SIX posts she has made on the day she registered with the site?
Why do they not appear on the "Community" page? Why am I unable to locate those six posts by any means except finding her name in the "People" page, then clicking on her name?

It is no wonder that the site is so quiet, if new members are attempting to make contact by making multiple posts: which are then, to all intents and purposes, disappearing into some sort of bottomless abyss.

Or am I missing something?