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When your friend is invited to more things than you?

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*Names have been changed because what if they read this...yikes

I have an open personality, such as I do things that people wouldn't normally do, just because they'd might feel embarrassed or ashamed. My friend, *Adriana on the other hand say she'll do things but usually chickens out in most cases not all, but most.

More people know who we are just about the same at our school. It's just some people find her intimidating and mean, from first glance. Though she's a sweet as can be.

*Lisa a mutual friend of ours, gave *Adriana a necklace and our other mutual friend, * Monet a necklace. I was sat there in an awkward position and fooled around on my phone. I didn't want to make a statement or look at *Lisa so i sat there quiet until we were dismissed from the cafeteria.

Whenever people come around they always talk to *Monet, and swoon around her. Some people talk to *Adriana but nearly as many as *Monet. No one talks to me, I'm always the first one making the first step. :P

So *Lydia has known *Adriana and I for about the same time, but has chose to invite *Adriana and *Melissa another mutual friend of ours but I knew her wayyy longer before they even know each other.

I've only been invited to one thing, since being at school, and that's from an 11th grader's girlfriend. I used to crush on him but got over as time went on. She's really sweet, after we worked out the sour patch.

Back to the main subject at hand, I haven't been invited or asked to hang out with anyone from the school, since being at the school.

I'm as nice as can be, I'm extremely nice, in most cases. Way more than *Adriana. I pay compliments to random people in the hallways, say hi when I have enough courage, etc. Though there haven't been may events/parties I would still like to be invited just to say I had the option of going or not.

I was wondering why more people invite her to do more things than me, when I'm nicer?

I think it's because she's pretty and I'm not even worth looking at :P