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no one like me or love me

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Im 19 years old and at this moment I'm homeless I live w. MyWith my friends I just met them actually I left my group home because I couldn't take it no more. Because everyone keep lying to me (social worker) and the people at the group home was being mean. My friends are a girl and a boy they are a couple. They kind of press me out living w. Them and I'm glad they did because the system had me lost and now I'm living w. Them I'm more independent and living. But my friends the couple I live w. At first they was saying they wanted to share me like us be together they can give me whatever I need. But they never force me. The boy touch me and it make me feel good. But I feel like he's leading me on. Because he don't take it father he text me babygirl and tell me that he likes me..... but he never try to be romantic. I know I'm in a situation where I should be thinking of myself but it's hard because I want love and affectation and it's hard listing to them lol while they are doing it. But I actually don't want to be apart of that. Okay so my ex