What would be your first ideal car?

Answer #1

If I had enough money for the gas, a Ford Bronco.

Answer #2

range rover

Answer #3

Got my first car this year and it’s a Toyota Yaris. It’s amazing on gas and it’s perfect for me :)

Answer #4

2013 F-150 XLT ^.^

Answer #5

Honestly my first car is a ‘92 Toyota Camry let and yes, it’s a piece, but I bought the vehicle, and gas all on my own…so I’m pretty happy with it. I personally think anyone should be happy to have a car…no matter what..

Answer #6

One that is good on gas and gets you from A to B

Answer #7

a car that gets me from A to B with no brakedowns haha! although I would love a little corsa :3

Answer #8

Good gas mileage/good condition/good warranty, if able….have your mechanic ck it out before U buy

Answer #9

mine would be any type of BMW that is black- prefer 4 doors!!!

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