What are you thoughts on self driving cars?

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Kinda creepy haha but if they can prevent the amount of car crashes that's pretty good.

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I think there is a state of mind out there that just because a certain technology exists, it has to be utilized and promoted as the latest and greatest.

Even though humans obviously make mistakes, technology fails TOO. Quite often.

I think self driving cars is a bad idea and should never be on the roadways. EVER.

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Boring and an excuse to use public transport.I like driving and would never want to be driven.

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Cars with adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance and lane departure warning systems already have most of the technology needed for driverless cars. The first systems of self driving cars will probably be trains of cars taking the same route. In this case the cars in the "train" will follow closely (usually 5 meters apart) while the driver is freed for other activities until it is time to leave the train after which the cars behind will move up.
Self driving cars can do a great deal to ease traffic congestion. The same road can handle far more self driving cars than cars driven by individuals and self driving cars can drive close enough to another car to draft and get better mileage.
Everything now is still experimental but I have no doubt self driving cars will be common before long.

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Great for people who would fail a new driving test that actually tests your skills behind a wheel...kinda thing if i had more time and energy to explain blablabla

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