How long does it take to get a driver's license in United States?

I have heard that in Canada can take you up to 2 years to get the driver’s licence while you are taking the driving classes i would like to know if in United states is the same or different how long do you think that takes in Usa a year, a month a week. If you know tell me please thank you.

Answer #1

As long as it takes you to pass written and driver exam, about 3 days for an adult

Answer #2

depends on how long it takes you to pass the written and the driving test… also depends on your age.

Answer #3

Here in Ohio if you are under 18 you have to take driving classes to get your license. First you get a learner’s permit, and you are required to spend 8 hours in class and 8 hours behind the wheel. Then you are required to have your permit for like 6 or 8 weeks before you can take the actual test for your license. If you pass the driver’s test they make your license while you wait, it takes about 10 minutes.

Answer #4

I forgot to add that if you are an adult all you have to do is take the written and actual driver’s test. And if you pass they make your license while you wait :)

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