Y do teachers hate me... people in mi class are really weird 2

K so heres the thing… I think all my teachers hate me. My ching teacher miss yu seems to b nice 1 minute( 2 me) and then hates me by telling me off for drinking water. I got sent outside for this. then she says bu yao shuo hua which means stop talking in chinese. I stop but mi friend dont get told off for talking. I got moved because she says I inteerrupt the whole class all the time and b’s a right royal b*h about it. My other teacher for cooking ms elliot hates me 2. she tells me off for having my fringe, for squeeling even when I don’t and tells me to go outside if im laughing. shes a mad psycho.. then in mi class these boys are right royal terds. they take notes I pass and take photos of them, whatever is saved on mi friends usb of mine they copy and keep it. like this stick figure movie 4 a joke called gang rape. me and mi friend made it and now theyr pissing me off. I don’t get why people are like nasty 2 me. I b nice most of the time. dont make rude comments 2 ppls faces or nuthing. maybe behind theyr back but if they found out theyd laugh… so I don’t get it. :):):):(

Answer #1

ouch… what kinda teacher is that.. I dun noe.. hope you can get thru all this full of patience.. :)

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