Basketball team!! p.e class!!! Our teacher pissed me off!!!

Ok, so our teacher wanted 15 students only!! And it was really crowded the first class, so I couldn’t see her clearly!! And when I found her she was taking the basketball players’ names, and now she has 17 students, and I couldn’t join because of that!!! I’m so pissed off!! I’ve been in the team for 2 damn years!!! Now I have to play vollyball instead!! and at home I play basketball all alone!! Vollyball is so stupid!! Basketball’s better!! I can’t just sit there and watch my team go down!! Is there any way I can go back to my team?!!
Please people help me, basketball means a lot to me!! Thank you :(

Answer #1

You can always ask her about it again. Explain to her what happened and be an adult about it. Dont whine and complain if she says there is nothing you can do. Enjoy the volleyball(my mom played in high school and was very good). You may find that you actually enjoy it more. It’s good to have variety in your life. If not then things can get rather boring. Good luck when talking to her.

Answer #2

HER LOSS! AND YOU SUD MAKE HER SEE that ‘by accident’ lol

Answer #3

Say how much it’s upsetting and annoying you and just ask again.

Answer #4

It appears the teacher offered - 15 slots, 15 stepped forward - now has 17, so evidently 2 alternates also chosen - you didn’t step forward for whatever reason, certainly clearly not the teachers fault - hopefully you’ll get another chance at another time - I hope you don’t have an anger management problem, just chill…Take care !!

Answer #5

Good news everybody :D Turns out that volleyball’s fun!! it’s just that girls in my class are too short so, when I hit the ball they have to runnn and jummmp and work haaard to get it, lol
I hit and wait five minutes til’ the ball comes back to me, lol
they’re funny, but I get so damn tired when boys join in, ONE second and I have to hit back again!!
I’m fine with volleyball for now, if I change my mind I will fight and kill and join the basketball team, lol thanks for the advice though :) xx

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