Do you have a weird teacher?

About 2 weeks ago I went to my science teacher after school and then when I walked in there he was talking to a cup. Do you have any weird teachers

Answer #1

well I used to have one that when he was at his desk during class he would talk to himself

Answer #2

lool the first one was a good one… he was talking to a cup? LOL man :DD about my teachers, hmm there is one teacher that most of us (kids) think its weird but not THAT weird :DD

Answer #3

my old teacher downloaded the karaoke version of “sexy back” and changed all the words to I’m bringin “physic’s back”..he couldnt sing, trust me, it was weird.

Answer #4

I had one that sat at his desk scratching his pits. and I have one that trows white board markers at you if you yawn in her class

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