Teacher that won't get out of my face

Okay so I have this really annoing teacher and she teaches civics and she really hates me because I hate that class and she always picks on me to do the questions and she told me to my face “I’m going to make you get up in front of the class because I know that’s what you hate the most!” and this was the first day of school that she said this and I really didn’t know her so today we had a test and she made up a story in the test so we had to fill in the blanks and the whole story was about how I was a terribal person and how I can’t do anything write I’m really pissed off about this and I didn’t do the test and I was about to go up to her ugly face and smack her I don’t know what to do about this I really hate her and btw some people in the class are just like me (rolling eyes and failing tests) and most people do this more than me do you know why she does this? Is it something I might have done? Every day I dread going to that class because of her and I don’t know what to do and I really need help

Answer #1

could’nt you take a copy of that test to the principle or something and get her in some trouble that way? I mean. I dont know about what else you could do. but if that test really did have a story about YOU. I think that’s some violation of a reasonable learning environment.(could be wrong)

Answer #2

The way you wrote your question it is apparent you need to attend all classes. and get educated.

Answer #3

smack the hussy rite in the face…dont really ull get in trouble =)

Answer #4

Hey marctu.

that aint much helpful. I damned sure she doesnt NEED to take the classes ALL because of the way she wrote out that question.

Answer #5

I would take strauss’s advice and show the test to the principal right away. or show it to the vice principal or counselor. she shouldn’t be doing this to u. if you dont havethe test then ask a friend to give you their copy of the test and show it to the people I listed for you.

Answer #6

I agree, either go to the principal, or your school guigence counselor. teachers are there to teach and do it neutrally. seek there help ASAP

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