My teacher hates me! what do I do??? no stupid answers, please.

I have a big problem.

My dance teacher hates my guts. Last week, she was reallly nice to me (and always has been). On Thursday, she started getting meaner and ignored me the whole ballet class. Today, she said I had pretty feet and two minutes later, she literally yelled in my face and said, “What is wrong with you?” and slapped my shoulder back. I got mad. I was doing my best, you know? Then she was talking to my friend and hit her elbow in my back and never said SORRY! And she was giving me mean looks all through class! At the end, though, she smiled at me. I am so confused. What do I do? I see her on Monday! HELP!!!

Answer #1

Oh, I see! Well, that explains it. I’m glad you have a great teacher anyway. I get migraines too, they really are horrific.

Take care and God bless!

Answer #2

I don’t think she was really “hungover”. she takes medicine for her headaches and it makes her reall drowsy. but anyway, she’s the greatest person and she cares a lot about every1.

Answer #3

You probably got it right when you said, “hungover”. Perhaps she has a drinking problem. They act exactly in that way! Too bad if it’s true.

I’m glad it wasn’t personal though with you. I”m glad it was her and not her having some weird problem with you, like jealousy, etc.Take care-

Answer #4

She’s just like that. Ugh, one day she’ll be sooo ridiculously nice then the next really depressed or hungover or mean. You never know. And she’s only nice to certain people. But she’s still okay!

Answer #5

well if you have to personally talk to her…dont be scared..because you will have to fear many obstacles in life this is just one of em now…so ask her if you can talk to her personally and tell her how you feel of what she is doing..

Answer #6

I saw your question, and it’s 2 mths later, what happened since then? I’m curious. Did you talk to her, did she calm down or did you get another teacher?

I’d love to know. Take care!

Answer #7

tell a differnt teacher

Answer #8

but what do I say to her?

Answer #9

I dont know what I would do in your place but my danceteacher literally hates my guts and I have no idea what to do, she critisized me constantly through class, reduced me to tears and then told my mum I was back talking in class, I pointed out twice that we were 5 minutes late finishing (seperate occasions) and I just have no idea what to do!!!

Answer #10

She sounds really off…

I would get out of the class. Are you paying for this? If so, complain to the dance school and get your money back, unless she is a good teacher. Then, you might have to deal with her…

Not every coach, teacher, etc. is going to be emotionally supportive or nice, but they may teach you something. I have had some great tennis coaches, and some psycho ones, but they all taught me something. You might have to ignore her weird behavior and just take in her lesson

if you need more advice, funmail me! -emma

Answer #11

Maybe it’s because you automatically assume things…like you automatically assumed someone was going to give you stupid answers. She was probably either having a bad day, or else you were just perceiving things wrong. She probably loves everyone but is trying to teach you something so she can’t be your best friend all through the class. She has a job and it sounds like she’s doing it. Good luck.

Answer #12

My English teacher is so cruel with me.She always blames me.I think something went wrong with her.

Answer #13

well if you havnt tried to talk to her personally its a good idea to write it down. I know that when my parents split up that I could ask questions to them face to face so we had a little book that we wrote them down in so maybe you could write her a letter and leave it somewhere she could find it.

Answer #14

Well, maybe she thinks that your too good to be in the dance class your in.. I reckon you should have a talk to her and see what’s up.. hope you go ok.. hope I made nothing go wront good luck though :]

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