Can my 2 teachers do this??!

I have 2 teachers who I have problems with. These both happened last week. I’ll tell you them and tell me if Can I report them for this?

1: My social studies teacher marked me down points on my graph for my poster board because I didn’t use a number 2 pencil!! It’s not going through computer or anything and it’s just a stupid graph! Btw: I did use number 2 pencil and it really effected my grade how much points she took off for that.

  1. Today My stupid P.E. teacher who is really rude, made us stay during passing time and search the field for a ball to a game somone in our class lost. JUST MY CLASS! So I was late and this is exactly what he said. “I want you all to find the ball NOW, I don’t care at all if you’re late for class but I’m not writing anyone in this class a note because you all deserve to be late for class” BUT: If you are late after the bell rinbgs to his class he makes you run a mile the whole period. And if you finish you have to run another mile. Do you think these are fair? These are all true and I really hate these teachers. Thank!
Answer #1

yes I beleive they were both unfair to you first off a pencil, wether you used a number 2 or not, its a pencil it has nothing to do with the work itself unless the teacher is either too strict, or a bit of an idiot and the p.e teacher was rude if you were late looking for the ball thats his fault he could have looked for it himself, or even helped you all look for it if you were late to a class because of that it was his fault and if he cant handle you being late for his class but doesnt care if he makes you late for one of yours then hes not doing his job properly I would say talk to your principal or another teacher about how those teachers acted and why its not appropriate

Answer #2

Ref #1 - I would respectfully protest and ask for re-consideration because you did indeed use a #2 pencil Ref#2 - If you think it’s abuse…report Note on both: in life choose your battles wisely - not all are worth fighting - here you are going against 2 that are in authority…more horsepower.

Answer #3

Well first off, the Number 2 pencil thing was quite dumb, and second of all, I believe your P E teacher was rude for making you late for class. If these two teachers continue to not do their job properly, I’d speak to the principal or the adminastrators of the school and tell them what these teachers were doing. I believe its uncalled fore and very irresponsible on their part. Good luck and I hope these two do their job right next time.

Answer #4

the pencil thing is soo dumb, and the second thing was too long to waste my time readng..

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