How do I move back 2 that class.

This kinda relates 2 my question ‘year 9:[‘ but you dont have 2 read that 2 read this. Well my new classes suck! Everyone from my old classes are basicaly all still 2gether while im like on my own. It sounds cheesy but im actually missing my whole old class even the annoying people. But I had 2 be moved because I talk 2 much 2 my friends so they had 2 put me somewhere where I had basically no friends! How could I get back in my old class or is there no chance?

Answer #1

well…tel the teachers how you feel and say you’ll prove you can work wiv your friends without chattin all the time! lol if they don t complain! lol hope this helps x

Answer #2

its too late once you get moved class for messing about or talking you can’t move back to your old class, its part of your punishment ,it sucks! but thats the rules!!!

Answer #3

you should def. go consult with your school counselor!

Answer #4

well it wasnt really 4 talking but they split up like some sets of friends :/

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