does my teacher hate me or not?

at dance class, my teacher made me stay after class on thursday. she said, “you need to let go and dance! you have to stop being scared to. just let go! you’re so afraid of messing up, falling down. your technique at the barre is the best in this room maybe even in this school. but in the center is where you lose it. if you let go, you’d be a better dancer and dance better. you saw those other girls in class mess up but they’re okay. you make ballet look natural. everything is there. you are such a beautiful dancer. you are so beautiful. you could be dancing anywhere. you could be dancing outside of canton, if you want, outside ohio, new york, europe, I mean, you can dance anywhere you want. You’re a perfectionist, you do everything so perfect, that’s good when you’re a dancer. even the best dancers mess up. you know, my son zach’s girlfriend, ashley bouder, falls down all the time and she’s the best in New York City Ballet. You could get scholarships anywhere because if your mom doesn’t have any money. if you only danced in the center…you thiink way too much when you dance. You have it all. You have everything to be a dancer. I might be speaking out of turn so if you don’t want to do this when you’re older, like, I don’t know, you want to be a rocket scientist, then you don’t have to do this. But if you want a future in dance, it’s there. You could do everything dance-related. You need more confidence. You need more confidence in yourself. You could be a totally different person everywhere else, but you have to let go at least here. I know you can hear the music, so there’s no reason to not be good in the center. When you’re in the center, it’s like you hold back so much. You know, dance is about emotion. Because, who knows, one day we’ll be watching you at New York City Ballet.”

and this dance teacher keeps coming up to me and giving me advice. it’s a little weird. she makes me demonstrate and says a lot of things to me. does my dance teacher like me?

Answer #1

Well, from what I read, your teacher just wants you to be successful in dancing. She obviously cares about the way you should dance. To me, I think she likes you not hates you. Take her advice and don’t worry about it. Take care!

Answer #2

She seems to belive that you have a lot more to give its just trapped as such now being a dancer and dance teacher myself I know where she is comming from, so just close your eyes slow your heart beat and feel the music then your body will do the rest lil hun..

Answer #3

Actually, it sounds quite the opposite of hate actually. It sound to me like she really cares about your improvement- she wouldn’t have pulled you aside if she didn’t see a special talent in you. :]

Answer #4

Your dance teacher doesn’t hate you…it sounds like she wants you to participate more. Like she wants you to get better or something…maybe she wants you to show your dance class some skill?

Answer #5

she wouldnt be giving you tips and stuff if she hated you… people dont spend time on those they hate… she obviously sees potential

Answer #6

no, she is just giving you helpful advice! I say you should take it because adults most of the time know whats best!

Answer #7

I am a dancer and my teacher does this to me all the time I feel like she is correcting me all the time because she thinks I am a bad dancer..but thats not the case she corrects me because she knows I can do better and she wants me to be the best dancer I can be. your dance teacher is probly doing the same…she knows you can do better so take her advise and stop thinking helps the mind and body loosen up so you can move more freely and gracefully

Answer #8

I agree with Ty

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