Is it wrong to stone someone over in the middle east?

This has been bugging me for the past two months now after I heard about a 7 year old being stoned for carrying over the limit of flour on her back. I thought it was absolutely insane. and the woman who cheated. our punishment seem hella fair compared to over there

Answer #1

It’s wrong anywhere.

Answer #2

It’s wrong to us, but it’s considered justice for them.

Answer #3

its not wrong in amsterdam hahah.

Answer #4

oh wait never mind. i misread the question, sorry. hah.

Answer #5
  • stoning not being stoned*…. big difference.
Answer #6

yeah, thats why i said “oh wait never mind, i misread the question.” can you not see that?

Answer #7

Obviously we posted at the same time which would mean I never saw your post until I already posted…look at the time stamp…can you not see that?

Answer #8

how bout you just f*cking chill. have you ever heard of a fcking mistake?

Answer #9

A 7 year old being stoned to death? No, I’m afraid not that would never happen, that is so ridiculous.

It is very rare for a woman to get stoned, and that is only in particular countries not in the whole Middle Eastern Region, for example in Lebanon, Syria, Palestinian territories, and Jordan that would never ever happen today.

The woman in the news is from Iran, which is technically not in the Middle East but Eurasia/ Western Asia and allows their tradional culture to dictate how they deal with criminals and also people who commit adultery.

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