Why don't america leave the middle east alone ?

Why don’t america leave the middle east alone ? They don’t let us live in peace they kill their brave men and kill our citizens ,I mean didn’t they learn a lesson that war isn’t useful for anyone?

Answer #1

We meddle in the Middle East because our economy and lifestyle are highly dependent on cheap oil. There is also a lot of money to be made over there.

Answer #2

Why were we in Iraq?…

To return it to a dissected state of tribalistic warfare. Any state unified… modernizing… threatening the hegemony of Israel and the nouveau riche plutocrats of the west… cannot be suffered to stand. Iraq was a potential threat to the plutocratic powers… and had to be bombed back to the stone age… so to speak. The oldest strategem of warfare is to divide and conquer. Once the formerly state sanctioned unification of sunni/shia/christian/kurd/arab was dissolved by war… infighting resulted and the threat of the modern state of Iraq was extinguished.

These same reasons are behind the establishment chomping at the bit for an attack on Iran. They threatened the bankers of the west by attempting an Iranian oil bourse of which the currency of exchange would no longer be in inflated Federal Reserve notes. Iran serves as a stepping stone to encircling Russia… the ultimate goal as stated in our current President’s chief foreign policy advisor… Zbigniew Brzezinski in his manifesto… The Grand Chessboard

Surrounding Russia… and protecting the poppy fields are the two main reasons Americans were tasked with taking Afghanistan. Bin Laden is our manufactured enemy… he is the excuse we were given for going to Afghanistan… not the reason. There is no good reason.

Why are Americans over there?

We make efficient enemies.

Naive enough to play the sacrificial pawns in the game we are barely a part of.

Divided enough that we confer the blame on zealots or idealogues only ever guilty of falling for the ruse… instead of those monied powers pitting common enemies against one another.

Rich enough that the middle class isn’t yet at the mercy of disenfranchisement those plutocrats pulling the strings would wish upon us… and thus are due a starving time like our counterparts in Russia endured about a century ago… by the same.

Poor enough that we are driven to the false illusion that war production is a boon for our economy… instead of the wealth pit it is in reality. Our assets are meant for destruction. We stoke the fire with the fat of the land and leave for ourselves the leftover char.

The majority of Americans are only guilty of being useful fools… Hopefully you realize or will come to realize that we are not enemies… hopefully we all will.

Answer #3

Jody, Iraq had no terrorist camps before the invasion. That was not the purported reason for the invasion anyway, and so is moot.

Jody, Iraq last fired a missile at Israel in 1991. So a retaliation a decade later seems pathetically silly. That was not the purported reason for the invasion anyway and so is moot.

Jody, no one said Saddam Hussein was ‘a nice guy’ or that he did not harm his own people. What we said was we had no right to invade and that Iraqis are justifiably angry at the damage we have done to their country.

You’re being reactionary and rather jingoist. Whether or not our intentions were good, our methods were appalling, like getting rid of a burglar by burning the house down.

Answer #4

jodyd… You do know that NOT ONE person responsible for 9/11 was from Iraq, right? You do know that the majority were Saudis but since they are our friends we did nothing to that country, right? You do know that the Bush Administration lied to bring us into this war, right? You do know that the Bush Administration kept the U.S. in a continuous state of fear by equating all middle eastern people with terrorists, right? You do understand that the Iraqi war is a failure, right?

You do understand that we invaded a country based on lies and founded in fear and that we would not stand for a country to do that to us, right?

Answer #5

Do I personally think all Arabs are terrorists? No, of course not. No more than anyone else, certainly. I think the IRA gives Arabia a run for its money as far as terrorist production goes. I wouldn’t go so far to say that the US government holds that view either. I DO think America has a shortsighted foreign policy when it comes to dealing with perceived threats to its security, with a ‘bomb first, deal with the aftermath never’ state of mind.

Answer #6

No, jody, we were not supposed to do nothing. We were supposed to eliminate the threat, which was in Afghanistan. Instead, we ended up invading a country that had nothing to do any terrorist activity against the US, which is the point adviceman was making. So not only did we let the original criminals escape, we’ve created so much animosity toward to West, thousands of new terrorists were born out of the conflict.

We not only took terrorism sitting down, we stripped naked, handcuffed ourselves, and laid down for them with legs spread.

Answer #7

Jody doesnt realize that the Body count (lack of a better word) You read in the News for the death’s in the area’s of conflict are Dubbed down so that the Civilans will not FREAK…

my City does the same in regards to how many shootings take place within the city. Atleast this is what I was told by my Uncle who is a Special Operations Police Officer in My city.

Answer #8

It’s all about the oil.

Answer #9

Who are most people? Give me sources. I gave you where mine come from.

When you wage war on a people, it causes a lot more deaths than those from direct miltary action.

Regardless of who caused the deaths, it was all started by us. Had we not invaded this unarmed country, hundreds of thousands of people would still be alive today. That is a fact.

If they are using Saddam’s old bombs, then that is just a further indicator of the incompentent way this war was handled.

Trust me, I read far more than you do.

Answer #10

Jody, kuwait? Really? Is that why we invaded in march 2003? You need to stop watching FOX Noise. It will turn your brain to mush. The reasons given for invading Iraq were links to al qaeda and 9/11, and that there was an imminent threat from WMDs. There was no reason given at the time, and they both were lies. The Iraqis have every right to be upset that we started a war that killed hundreds of thousands of their people.

Do you think if Iraq didn’t have so much oil we still would have invaded?

Answer #11

Try doing some research. Iraq body count is over 100k already. The lancet study, which uses survey and polling techniqes has estimated over 600,000 deaths. Their methods are the same ones used to determine death tolls for disasters, like the tsunamis in indonesia.

Turn of FOX once in while. There are other sources of information.

Answer #12

you mean killing innocent people is right,and you say that arabs are terrosrists ,if america bomb iraq who’s the terrorist?

Answer #13


Hundreds of thousands = at least 200,000 people. I don’t think so. Where did you get that number.

Answer #14

joyd also does not realize that the U.S. helped put Hussein in power…

Answer #15

and who set america the police of the world?

Answer #16

Who do you think shot missle at Isreal and who paid for bombs for suicide bombers to attack Isreales of course it was Sadam Hussein. He was a nice guy according to you. He didn’t kill thousands of Iraqis. No not him or his military no.

Answer #17

Your name belies you. If you really knew a lot, you would know that we are already pulling out of Iraq, and that we have already handed control of the country over to the Iraqis.

And there are no winners in this war. We are all losers. Bush and Cheney should be in jail over it.

Answer #18

We cant just go in there destroy a place and leave it. We are trying to do the right thing so that another dominant person doesn’t come in and take them back over. I agree that we have been there for too long, but I can guarantee if we just pulled out then they would fall to a new leadership and we will have to go right back over there and help again. Plus if we pull out now we are losers. Thats the same as forfitting a game. You become the loser, and we as Americans are not losers.

Answer #19

jodyd— do you even bother to do research? I think not… *The Bath Party put Hussein in power not the US.

On June 9, 1992, Ted Koppel reported on ABC’s Nightline, “It is becoming increasingly clear that George Bush, operating largely behind the scenes throughout the 1980s, initiated and supported much of the financing, intelligence, and military help that built Saddam’s Iraq into” the power it became, and “Reagan/Bush administrations permitted – and frequently encouraged – the flow of money, agricultural credits, dual-use technology, chemicals, and weapons to Iraq.”

Answer #20

Jimahi Most people say around 80,000 deaths mostly from road side bombs and suicide bombers from bombs that sadaam had stored, maybe you should read a little.

Answer #21

A very vocal religious minority coupled with a century of government-sanctioned pro-war films has left America with a dangerous combination of attributes – we’re rabid for a good war and also think our overinflated morality is also right for the rest of the planet. Faced with a culture we don’t understand, bombing the hell out of it and trying to rebuild a democratic state in its place is usually the way we go.

Answer #22

Were susposed to stand by while they attack us and do nothing?? They attacked first and started this whole thing. We are not going to take terrorism sitting down. We do NOT NEGOTIATE with TERRORISTS no matter what ethinicity they are!!!

Answer #23

All about the oil, who invaded Kuwiat? The Bath Party put Hussein in power not the US.

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