Israel - Middle east conflict

I was wondering what people thought of the conflict in the middle east. Who do you think “deserves” the land and what do you think should be done about the situation. Any thoughts are nice to hear…

Answer #1

How many times has Isreal strived to seek a lasting peace?

Maybe if they didnt continuously seek to expand and take over land they didnt have any right over (I dont care what they believe they’re entitled to according to their religious texts) than maybe people would stop fighting them…

As for it takes two to fight, if a person is oppressed or treated unfairly they’re going to fight back…

Answer #2

Just to clarify a few points…

Jerusalem is split into four different sections and is being shared at the moment…

The palestinians named themselves after the place palestine, which was named after the hebrews enemies, the philistines. The philstines have nothing to do with palestinians and the place palestine had nothing to do with palestinians today or with muslims

A question: How many times has Israel strived to seek a lasting peace and how many times have the palestinians done so? Remember, it takes two to fight.

Answer #3

Oh yes Britain screwed up. As for who deserves the land, whoever it originally belonged to (like 1000 years ago!), there were people living on that land who were kicked out of there… And its not like these people were there for 10 years, they’d been living there for generations… and now they’ve been removed from their own land and Israel is trying to take more land? How is that fair in any sense of the word?

Answer #4

because the conflict goes back as far as the crusades its hard to determin the ownership of the land now, as land is won and lost through war and trade. but originally it is islamic land. I think the americans fuel the fire by arming the isreali army, I think isreal should recognise the hamas government.I also think britain has a lot to answer for in the middle east.

Answer #5

Ancient conquests or alleged gifts from gods have no place in determining property rights in the present.

The only question is, who alive today can show the land was stolen from them personally (or perhaps a direct ancestor). If someone can present that, then the person with the earliest claim wins. That’s how property rights are determined. If no-one can show it, then the land belongs to the state it resides within.

If multiple states claim it, then ownership is determined through either negotiation or war.

Answer #6

A question:

How many times has Israel strived to seek a realistic and lasting peace peace under its own terms, from its own position of power (which is clearly unequal) while still allowing the Patestinian people to keep face?

I am not anti-Israel or anti-semitic. I love Israel as a country and have been there many times. I have discussed this matter with many Israelis and it appears that the younger generation are more keen to see a lasting peace than the older, ruling generation.

Maybe in a couple of decades when today’s younger generation have power we may see some realistic progress.

PS Are tour guides still required by law to talk to visitors and inform them about the peace movement?

Answer #7

Just my understanding on this issue,

But did not the Israelites take the land by force originally?

How far does one go back to establish the ownership of land? Will the US hand their country back to the native Americans etc. (one could go on like this through every country)

The difference with Israel is that it is claimed by the Israeli’s as a God given right. The country was promised to them by God.

For most Israelis thats it! Finito! End of discussion! I can see no end to the problem as both sides are unwilling to compromise of the question of Jerusalem. This will always be a sticking point to peace during any discussions.

Any Israeli prime minister that agrees to share Jerusalem with the Palestinians would very quickly find themself out of power, or worse.

I believe that the Palastinians originate from the biblical Phillistines but I cant be sure.

One would think that with their belief in God and the terrible treatment of the jews during WWII, the Israelis would perhaps be more tolerant with the Palestinians and strive to seek a lasting peace.

Answer #8

Oh wow I have LOTS to say about that! I don’t have time to type it all right now, but feel free to fun mail me if you want to talk about it :)

Answer #9

The Jewish people were removed from the land around70 AD. that’s all I will say on the subject.

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