Right move or Wrong move ?

The Berkeley city council has made national news by telling Marine Corps recruiters that they are unwelcome - Right move or Wrong move ?

Answer #1

The war will not end unless the citizens make it end, just like with Vietnam. Politicians start wars, it’s up to us to end them.

Answer #2

I think it’s best that government at all levels remains neutral as much as possible in order that the people have the most freedom. This is one of those cases.

Answer #3

The thing that maintains American independence is the citizen soldier. If there is no citizen soldier then there is no United States.

Preventing the Marines from recruiting is, in my judgment, an imprudent thing to do, because it stiffles the ability of the nation to defend itself.

It tells me that if someone decides to invade and conquer Berkeley, then we should let ‘em.

Answer #4

I miss living in the bay area!

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