War in the middle east

why are we (the US) even over there? like especially in Afghanistan? what’s the purpose?

we need to bring our troops home. :(

Answer #1

Really, we’re just biding time hoping that the leaders of Al Qaeda and the violent members of the Taliban who are living in northern Pakistan will mess up and reveal themselves so we can take them out. It’s a policy that’s been working. We’ve captured/killed many of them this way.

The idea is that if we keep them out long enough (20 years perhaps), they will no longer be relevant even if we don’t get them.

Answer #2

Multi-tiered answer…

Zbigniew Brzezinski has been working on Afghanistan for over 30 years… enroute to encircling Russia… read his two manifestos… Game Plan: A Geostrategic Framework for the Conduct of the U.S.-Soviet Contest and The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives

Al Qaeda is a database of his armed mujahideen from the 1980’s. Under Brzezinskis tutelage the past six Presidents have administered over religious strife in the Balkans… Middle East or Central Asia. Black operating intelligence assets from the U.S. UK and Israel stir up trouble between differing ethnicities… religious sects… or nationalities in these countries and when violence reaches a certain level… UN and American/Western Troops stick their noses in… overtly as peacekeepers… covertly as occupiers meant to usurp the infrastuctures of these regions… and implant the central banksters and their cohorts firmly. This has been the plan for Afghanistan since the Soviet invasion… but the people and terrain have proven bigger hurdles than expected… we have weaned Afghanis on war… they fight till the end… now that we are trying to wrest control from them…for our banksters… we are seeing this fool’s errand for what it is.

We are there for the Poppy fields. It is becoming less of a secret that the United States Government has turned to the illicit drug trade to finance the multitude of Black Operations it undertakes. Bush Sr. has been overseeing this operation from its institution before the Iran Contra Affair Scandal when the U.S. intelligence agencies helped fund the counter-revolutionaries or [Contras] by buying cocaine… then selling the drug here… in the inner cities… took that money and bought Israel a brand new arsenol of weaponry… Israel gave their old weapons to moderate Iranians to secure the release of hostages or in actual reality to arm the assets… the mujahideen… who we now call Al Qaeda… so they could continue to cause trouble for Iran’s leadership. Former President Bill Clinton even helped Bush Sr. as then Governor of Arkansas… where the Mena airport was being used as an international drug depot.

Yeah!… we’re there for oil as well… and whatever other resource we can Bogart.

We’re not there because of 9/11. Even if you are still under the false illusion that our corrupt banking elite weren’t the true orchestrators of the horrendous attack on us… you know that Afghanistan wasn’t. Why should they pay just because the phantom menace… Osama Bin Laden may have been hiding there?

In case you don’t know yet… the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is outright bullsh!t!

Our Federal Reserve is the result of a conspiracy that has its roots with a cartel of bankers from New York City and Berlin conspiring together at their private island… Jekyll Island, Georgia.


Answer #3

it was my opinion not an actuall conspiricy but we debate about in debate class so it was an opinion

Oh… I see… that’s where I made my mistake then… I was under the impression that the attacks of 9/11 happened despite your debate class.

Answer #4

The war is going to Pakistan,were it should. Get it over in 5/7 years. I got 2 family-1 leaving in Dec. People do not understand that they will kill you in a hart beat. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY AND HOW WE HAVE FOUGHT FOR IT. BUT NEW GENERATION WILL LOSE IT.

Answer #5

it was my opinion not an actuall conspiricy but we debate about in debate class so it was an opinion

Answer #6

I think that once we pull out of iraq iran will attack iraq so then that was what 9:11 was a call for help just a conspiricy :)

Answer #7

What gets my goat is that the very president who campaigned on his promise to end the Iraq war is not only NOT ending it, but he’s sending more of our guys to Afghanistan in addition. I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that this man does not know what he is doing, and he’s a liar as well.

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