Peace in Middle-East

Is a two state policy in the Middle East for Israel and Palestine a peace solution?

Answer #1

There will never be peace in the middle east as long as people continue to cling to ancient superstitions as if they were reality, because the problems are rooted in religious beliefs.

Answer #2

Hmmm, to place the blame solely on the Palestinians is wrong… Both sides attack each other and both sides need to work on things, but the odds are that they will not. Furthermore, I think your reference to paedophilia was inappropriate seeing as that has nothing to do with the violence in the Middle East, lol. Both the Israeli’s and the Palestinian’s are at fault, not just one.

Answer #3

Just as they will rain outwards… Both sides have some work to do in terms of peace I think :(.

Answer #4

Looking at recent History, rockets will rain in on Israel regardless.

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