Is there such a thing as a right or wrong opinion?

IDK, hate when i give my opinion and people say it is wrong, i always thought there is no such thing as a right or wrong opinion, just cuz someone may agree or disagree with ur opinion dont mean it right or wrong, make sence? lol: I think i just confused myself @_@ hehehe

Answer #1

No, an opinion is what YOU think, and what you think is wrong/right. Your opinion might not be the best, but does not mean it’s wrong or right.

Answer #2

An opinion is a point of view and cannot ever be “wrong” … however, refusing to sway your opinion even when faced with all the evidence against your opinion is ignorance. Stand true to your point of view, but don’t carve it in stone.

Answer #3

Opinions an be politically incorrect such as certain views on ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. Expressing disdain for any particular group of people may not be an objective opinion, but it is certainly politically incorrect.

Answer #4

*can be politically incorrect

Answer #5

no! opinions are not right or wrong. its an opionion is your persobal thought

Answer #6

i agree with Sarah…some may tell you that you are wrong, buthat is on;y because their opinion is different than yours. But an opinion isn’t a right/wrong thing.

Answer #7

Sometimes what someone might consider an opinion can be so repulsive to others that they will tell you that you are wrong. I can only assume you are asking this based on the response to your mandatory ab0rtion question. To me, that is not just an opinion. If I came on here and claimed America should go back to the days of slavery, would anyone really consider that a right opinion? No, it is just wrong to enslave people, not because that is just an my opinion. It is wrong because it violates people’s civil rights. Just as it would be wrong to force someone to have an ab0rtion because that violates someone’s civil rights. Just look at the responses to that question. Was there even one person that agreed with you? You really need to re-think your position on that issue.

Answer #8

i asked a question, SHOULD it be mandatipry and NO this is not in relation to that post, to again, u think its wrong but i gave u my reasons as to y. I dont believe it to be wrong for someone who is underaged whith NO experices in life not way of suporting a kid etc to get an abor tion….I didnt claim i asked SHOULD it be…and i gave MY reasons and opinion for why I think it possibly should be…if it repulses someone I have something to say to that DEAL WITH IT, cuz u and kaijo and the few ppl that commented isnt enough to change my veiws.

Answer #9

You didn’t just ask if it should be mandatory, you said you thought it should be. This is what you said: “In Australia the legal adult age is 18 and I beleive that kids under that age (or what it adult age is in ur country) should not be aloud to have a say in what happened to the kid (if they are pregnant) why? because what kid has the means to suport a kid when they cannot support themselves? Why should hard working tax payers suport these people through welfare?” You are clearly saying here that you think it should be mandatory. And I am dealing with it, by telling you how wrong you are. Do you not understand what civil rights are all about? And the fact that you won’t even consider that you might be wrong, even though you can’t find one person who agrees with you, only means you are just stubborn and pigheaded in addition to being wrong. You are too wrapped up in people saying your “opinion” is wrong, and completely ignore the counter-arguments people have provided. It is a violation of someones rights. Australia is a democracy, just like the US, and what you are suggesting is completely at odds with our views on personal freedoms and civil rights. That is the major problem people have with your “opinion”.

Answer #10

So I just went back to read the question to which you are referring, and that my friend, is an opinion that is considered politically incorrect! Your opinion on this matter seems to go against moral judgement of the majority of people here. I’m sorry that you felt attacked, but they were simply giving their opinion as well. You can’t really get mad at them for having an opinion to a question YOU asked. If they said you were wrong, well thats their opinion!

Answer #11

People get opinion mixed up with answers at times, and that’s what causes an argument. However, an opinion has no right or wrong to it, because it’s your own personal feelings and thoughts towards the idea. HOWEVER, if someone were to argue your opinion based on critical points/facts then you shouldn’t be closed to just your opinion.

Answer #12

Yes there is a thing such as a wrong opinion. If I were to tell you that in my opinion all asian people are dumb because of their looks then that would be wrong, even if it is an opinion. Technically in your framework it cannot be wrong, but it can be wrong from a different vantage point and often opinions can be proven to be wrong.

Answer #13

I think this is more a question of terminology. The terms “right and wrong” are morally relative and subjective. Though your moral compass may deviate from the norm… it isn’t absolutely true that your determination of right be incorrect because it deviates… nor is it absolutely true that another’s determination of wrong be incorrect because it differs from yours. In a sense, both are valid.

Holding a certain opinion may be irrational. There are certain givens that are generally accepted as irrefutable. Philosophical studies contain a priori truths that form the bases for logical proofs. For instance, the statement; life as we know it, is the fundamental state of animation… is an a priori truth. To hold an opinion counter to a given a priori truth… or counter to a conclusion deriving from a logical proof based in these fundamental truths would be irrational and invalid.

Answer #14

Nope an opinion is an opinion. Facts can be right or wrong.

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