Do you think they should change jail and police station regulations to where they can not release women in the middle of the night if they dont have a ride?

It seems that women are disapeering left and right, as soon as they are released from or police custody in the middle of the night, they are released with no phones and some have no rides and are just released to walk through the streets at night. You would think after so many mur.ders, ra.pes, and disapearances they would change something.

Answer #1

i think they should…women alone in the middle of the night walking are as vonerable (i dont think i spelled that right) to an attack as someone going up and poking a grizzly bear…for their safety they should either keep them until the next day or the cops should give them a ride

Answer #2

Yes cause it’s wrong and seeing what type of perverts are lurking around at night, there is no telling WHAT will happen to those women when released. If police stations care about their community, they WILL change how they run things.

Answer #3

Most definitely. Cops release a young woman into the dead of night (mind the pun haha) and 2 minutes later drive to a callout of a woman been raped and murde,red around the corner of the station. It’s ridiculous. Just keep them there a few more hours till morning!

Answer #4

I dont think the women should be forced to stay there overnight, but if they requested it, I suppose?

Answer #5

I think it would be much better to make it optional for women to at least have an escort to their home. Just because she’s a criminal, doesn’t mean she can’t be prey…

Answer #6

Yeah because some sick men that would do something like that dont deserve to be alive

Answer #7

I think they should, though it should be an option that the woman would have to make. It should be a choice whether they decide to stay at the jail for the night, or the police station should call a cab for them. Walking alone at night is dangerous for anyone, and the job of the police is to serve and protect, right?

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