World ending on wednesday?

Does anyone actually believe that? (and no, that wasnt rhetorical. I really want to know who believes thay.) I think its stupid. But if it does.. How is it going to end? :S I havetn heard about that. Just that its Actually going to end. x] Thanks for commenting in advanceee

Answer #1

“I’ll bet you $10,000 that the world won’t end this Wednesday.”

That would be a pretty safe bet…for you! Makes me think of buying life insurance, I make a bet with the insurance company that I’m going to die, they bet that I won’t…and I hope they win. Go figure!

Answer #2

Good I won’t study for my history test thats on Friday. My grade is counting on the world dying now. Thats exciting.

Answer #3

The LHC, when activated this week, will only be operating at powers already seen in other supercolliders. The really interesting stuff - at energies not seen before since the Big Bang - likely won’t start until some time next year.

Answer #4

I hope not. Basketball season hasn’t even started yet. If the world ends on Wednesday I’ll be really mad.

Answer #5

“I don’t think the world will end this Wednesday…but if it does you won’t have time to point out my error. ;-)”

I’ll bet you $10,000 that the world won’t end this Wednesday. :)

Answer #6

I don’t think the world will end this Wednesday…but if it does you won’t have time to point out my error. ;-)

Answer #7

People, this is an experiment which HUMANS are creating, and if it goes wrong, we’re dead. And tbh it’s complete bullsh*t, because how could they possible allow some stupid people that are desperate to know how long the world will last to endanger the lives of so many people?

If god is real, he IS the only person who should know. Why should we risk lives trying to find out? People nowadays are so stupendous

Answer #8

cupcakes999: Where did you get your degree in nuclear physics?

  1. They’re not doing anything this wednesday that hasn’t already been done before in other supercolliders.
  2. Even when they do fire it up to full power, there is no chance that it will destroy earth, the universe, or anything else other than a few subatomic particles.
Answer #9

Heheh. I just realized that you’re talking about the activation of the Large Hadron Collider. I was wondering if there was some apocalyptic cult I missed. :)

No, it won’t end. The collisions that will take place inside the LHC are the same that occur all the time when particles ejected by the sun hit our upper atmosphere. If they were the type to form stable black holes or destroy reality we wouldn’t be here.

Answer #10

It’s highly unlikely that the Large Hadron Collider will produce microscopic Black Holes (singularities), but if it does understand something. Singularities that small would be blazingly hot and unstable, and would evaporate the instant they were formed, leaving behind a a stew of elementary particles and radiation. The world will still be safe.

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Answer #12

Well,the Sun as you know,is a star.All stars burn out eventually.So,One day,when the Sun burns out,Hypothetically,all the life on earth will die,because there will be no more heat or light to provide life. However,This wont happen for millions of years,so I wouldnt wory too much about it.Plus by then,I’m sure science will have taken measures to reduce the effects of the sun burning out.

There are other ways the Earth could end,but that one seems most likely to me.

Answer #13

HOLY CR** THIS WEDNESDAY!!!??That sucks I just celebrated my birthday today and then I die on wednesday. fantastic. LOL I’m a throw a party on tuesday. and throw another party on thursday. mmm… just kidding. I don’t believe that. not true. haha. :]

Answer #14

What does Wenesday have to do with it?

Answer #15

Oh thanks, this totally helped me :D x

Answer #16


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