End of the world??? Coming soon or not.

Why do people say that the world is gonna end in 2012??? I mean I think its kinda dumb… No one can predict when the world will end… And just because the mayan calender stops at 2012 doesnt mean the world will… Just make some new calenders!. Do you think that the world will end??

Answer #1

no, its going to b a while b/c the universe is still expandin so God is not done w/ creation

Answer #2

lol. he’ll have both of us to deal with… ill only be 19 and definitely not rready to die yet!!!

Answer #3

thats right but thats if you belive in god but what I heard that a miderite is coming and going to destroy but please give me me a break they’ve been saying it’s going to do that since the year 1955 and 2000

Answer #4

2012 is where the mayan calender ends…the mayan’s have been right in predicting many other things so this is why some people predict the world will end then. but who knows…maybe we will just make an earth shattering discovery then

Answer #5

Actually, it will end, but not in like 4 billion years or something, when the sun explodes xP Unless theres like some huge disaster =S

Answer #6

The world will never… end. It will just be transformed, and that transformation is already in progress.

Answer #7

People said there was a chance the bigbang would be a chance of people dying but they didn’t why would it end I’m confused and scared ?

Answer #8

It better not end because thats 4 days before christmas and probably a weekend so al be doing me christmas shopping, so if I waste all that money buying presents and the world ends while am standing in a Q then god is going to have a bloody hard time explaining his way out of that 1!!!

Answer #9

You’re right, no man can predict, ONLY God knows when this earth will end as we know it - to study what the end will be like, read the book of Revelation and the end takes place at the battle of Armageddon - as you read pay close attention to the things that will be going on in those days and you’ll see…it reads like today’s news…it appears time is short !

Answer #10

I’ve seen over twenty books about 2012, and the mayan calenders…I dont believe that it will end in 2012…It says in the bible that god will let no one know..only him.

Answer #11

I cant remember who said it but there was someone on here that had a brilliant comment to this 2012 thing. Maybe the Myans ran out of paper.

Answer #12

now with the gulf crisis i really am thinking its possible.

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