The World Ending?

Is the world seriously supposed to be ending in 2012? From what I heard, I guess it is. I’ll only be, like, seventeen, and in, like, eleventh grade. Dang. But anyway, isn’t it supposed to like blow up? I also heard that it will end on September 11, and at 11:11, AM or PM.

Answer #1

Do you believe every silly thing you hear? How could anyone possibly know if/when/how the world will end?

Answer #2

Actually if I remember the sequence properly, from since I was born (1975). The world was supposed to end at least 4 times. Once in 1984, then again in 1991, then in 2000, and also in 2012. So since we’re all still here, I’m sure it was just the guy making the calendar who got bored and stopped at 2012.

Answer #3

No truth to that rumor - only God knows the time - research ‘Armageddon’.

Answer #4

yahh. I heard tat. idkk. I think its gunna happen..

Answer #5

wow, I’ll be 17 too. I don’t think that’s true. I heard it like an astroid is gonna come in the atmosphere and destroy us like it did with the dinosaurs or the core is gonna explode or something like that. I hope it’s not true!

Answer #6

That is nothing but a myth and misconception. It came from the Mayan Calander, 2012 is nothing more than when the Mayan Calander ends and rolls over. Not the end of the world.

Dont’ you remember when they said the world is going to end in 2000, were still here.

Answer #7

there has been numerous “predictions” of when the world is going to end. None of these have come true, OBVIOUSLY. A Planet X is supposed to hit the earth and send us into opposite rotation. This is supposed to cause a series of super natural disasters. Planet X, by itself, would kill at least 200 million people from the impact, considering where ir hit the earth. This would then cause many super earthquakes, super tsunamis, and many active and inactive volcanoes to erupt. For this to happen Planet X would have to be so big that we would have seen it by now. This won’t happen, it is all hype. If you are seriously stupid enough to believe that this will happen rty watching the discovery or history channel they will have tons of info on 2012.

Answer #8

I heard tha same thing and I believed it at 1st but really nobody knows when the world is gonna end and others say tha year 3,000 cause of globel warming , but nobody in tha world can know when the world is gonna end cause what they say never happens , they can’t even predict tha weather rite :0

Answer #9

Only God the father nows not even jesus knows so stop believing this stuff guys its not true God will come back before that happens. My mom said something in 1984 all the people rushed to the churches and tried to get saved because they thought the world was going to end. All the churches were packed up even hers. It was on the news. I laughed. Its so stupid. They are trying to mess up your minds they are antigod people om sick of hearing it its just to make money. Im so sick of it im about to go down to the pyramids and nock them down.

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