...End of the World?

Do you think the world is going to end in the year of 2012 like it has in the Mayan calender? or what do you think about Earth Hour? what happened at 8:30-9:30 p.m. saving electricity or something Over 4,000 cities and 28 countries participated!

Answer #1

It’s possible the mayan calender has been right a lot even the bible refers to a time similar to the one we’re living in as being the end times.. who knows I guess will see in a couple years O.o..

Answer #2

I think that simply because many people believe that it WILL end in 2012, it won’t. My religious beliefs say that we won’t don’t know when it will end, so I’m going with that. Of course, if North Korea sends up that missle pretty soon we’ll be in a nuclear war, in which case, the world is pretty much screwed anyways.

Answer #3

the world aint gonna end in 2012, Antarctica is gonna be completly gone in that year. the world is still gonna be here when you wake up tomorrow, and on wednesday, its still gonna be here when you die, and for years to come after that.

Answer #4

The Mayans are dead, so they can’t be good predictors. I have excellent sources that tell me the earth will explode into many pieces on August 28, 2009. A small black hole which has not yet been detected by astronomers will smash into earth, bore it’s way through it and the result will be the earth being torn apart by itself.

So eat, drink and be merry, in my case I’ll be emma ;)), for in August we die.

Answer #5

nt sure ,I think the mayans mean that not the end of the world but the end of the way that we live ,we will find a new way of living thats better for the planet.im a spiritualist and I read loads of books like that and 2012 is meant to be the great awakening ,to know the real truth about life and why were here,the earths energy systems altering towards 2012 and one of the preditictions was the end of industrialism which is happening now with everwhere closing down in the credit crunch,I believe this is part of the new way of life theory ,we,l move away from how we used to live and go in to a more natural way of life thats cleaner and healing for earth

Answer #6

Predictions from the ancient tribes are to some extent true, but this 2012 is unbelievable. The end could be in 3 min, 3 hrs, 30 days or 2 more years no one knows, just try to live life productively.

Answer #7

I forgot about Earth hour :(, but I think it’s a really good initiative. It lets all kinds of people get involved and make a difference (no matter how small). As for the world ending in 2012, most certainly not :D.

Answer #8

yes they say it will end on 12.12.2012 and my birth day will be on 11.12 .. and thats when I will be 21 so I will only be allowed to go into a club for only 1 day ..

its strange

Answer #9

Same here, except I hear it’s around August or June. I would turn 21 then so it might be interesting if anything actually happens on that day. As for Earth day I was asleep all day, lights were off in room so I probably make it like 8 or 10 hours instead of 1 hour.

Answer #10
  1. no the 2012 thing is just a bunch of bull, just like the y2k bug
  2. earth hour is when on march 28th for 1 hour during 8;30 to 9’30, in everycountry and time zone you switch off yor lights and anything thats using a power point to help save energy and the enviroment earth hour was started in 2007
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