When will the world end?

in what yr do you think the world will end and why ?

Answer #1

The Bible clearly tells us the world as we know it will end at the Battle of Armageddon - only God the Father knows the timing of this event…Take care !!

Answer #2

I don’t know. It will either be when the Sun goes Red Giant in however many billions of years, some sort of asteroid strike we don’t see coming, or whoever is plotting to destroy the world decides they feel like pushing the trigger. Ask the plotter, they might be able to give you some idea.

Answer #3

oohhh I thought it was the end when the sun explodes! LOL, I must not be right, huh?

OO 2012… scary! I think amblessed is right. I’m sooo scared now!!! :(

Answer #4

… No one knows.. and no one can tell. God will choose when the rapture will happen. He will come when it’s HORRIBLE here. In the spand of 7 years. Everyone on this planet will be miserble when the world ends. I personally dont think it’s going to happen anytime soon. The more man kind fixs things the slower the end of the world will come. Suposablly anyone who is going to heaven will just drop dead and then the rest will have time to change their ways and fallow God. BUT we wont know if it’s exactly true till it happens.. then.. were gone.

Answer #5

Billions of years from now when we don’t exist anymore.

Answer #6

only GOD knows when the world will end but we are all livin in the final days but no1 knows caus it can end at any time.

Answer #7

when each 1 of us will die never and 4ever think bout it

Answer #8

Most likely by a asteroid impact.

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