Where in the bible did that one dude get the idea that the world was going to end on May 21st?

Didn’t he say in his interview that he got it from the bible in some mathematical equation or something?

Answer #1

Dr. Harold Camping wrote the book “To God Be The Glory”, and it was he who predicted that the end would begin on 21st May. If you can get hold of a copy of this book, all the information you require is in there. Be warned, tho’ the book is very heavy going at times.

Answer #2

it is not in the Bible….

Answer #3

Mr Harold Campings equation works like this…

Number 5 means atonement, 10 is completeness and 17 is heaven. Why? Only Mr Camping knows.

Jesus died 1st of April in the year 33. That’s 1978 years to April 1st 2011. Now he multiplies this number with 365,2422. Why? Because he says that’s the number of days in a tropical year. Okay, it’s not exact. The correct value is 365,24219052 days, or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 45,261 seconds.

1978 multiplied with 365.2422 is 722449 (if you disregard decimal places) April first to may 21st is 51 days. If you add 722449 and 51 you get 722500. 5 times 10 times 17 is also 722500. That’s atonement multiplied with completeness multiplied with heaven.

That’s why the world ended on may 21st.


Answer #4

i was not in the bible cause the bible say “no men no the day or the hour” so he was just guessing

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