When the Great Flood happened isn't that like the world ending?

Ok so people are worried about the world ending, or some people absolutely will not allow themselves to believe its even possible, But in the Bible when it talks about the Great Flood, isn’t that basically like the world ending? Like everyone died but 2 people. Does that count as the world ending?

Answer #1

I mean I guess it does but in the bible it said that when the world would end that God will take everyone on earth w/ him to heaven.

Answer #2

LOL, we used to sing a song about Mister Noah and his Ark when we were kids in Sunday school.

The lyric goes like this: shorten version:

  • Mister Noah built an ark, the people thought it was such a laugh. Mister Noah pledge them to go but into they ark they wouldn’t go…The animals comes in two by two, the elephants, the bears and the kangaroos, they were safely stored away, then down come the rain and thunder. ‘clap hands’ then down come the rain and thunder and all but Noah and his family were saved…So when you see a rainbow, when you see a rainbow, remember Noah’s Ark. :)
Answer #3

agreed with religionisgood it was a myth and those who are incapable of believing the world will end must really be in denial. I’m not saying it will end soon. Everything comes to an end eventually. Nothing lasts forever. We don’t know how the world will “end” but it’s sure too. Heck, in my opinion, as long as there’s survivors, and the world is still in existence, it didn’t end. It’s more than likely it wont end until the explodes in another thousands-billions of years. But it could just be me. I’m sure by then humanity would of found away to travel through space to another galaxy or something.

Answer #4

The Great Flood in Genesis is ancient mythology. The same story exists in many other accounts, some of which predate Genesis by hundreds of years. Rivers in the ancient world often flooded as they still do now. Attributing such natural acts to divine beings was a normal thing to do back then…as well as exaggerating what actually happened. Of course, given the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, there are still people today who think natural occurrences have supernatural causes.

Answer #5

I’m not religious ,but yeah the world did end supposedly. Have you read the book ‘not wanted on th voyage’ by Thomas findley. Its about Noah ark. It puts a lot of perspective on the story. Though I have to warn you that it is really sad sometimes.

Answer #6

Like everyone died but 2 people.

It was actually 8 people that survived the Great Flood.

Answer #7

And in Lord of the Rings Sauron is out to conquer the world. What’s you’re point? Yes, in the story the world did end. But again what’s you’re point.

Answer #8

It’s a story. But yes, in the story it is

Answer #9

I was just wondering if that counted as the world ending.

Answer #10

you remember God’s promise to never flood the whole earth like that again.

Cute song.

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