Does everyone want the world to end?

I see tons of questions about people expecting the world to end and wondering when it will happen. Why can’t people worry about what positive things their future might entail and focus on achieving that?

Answer #1

Please not today, I have a date tonight !!

Answer #2

I dont want it to end….i want to achieve my life goals :O

Answer #3

Well, I mean for me it’s like come on people think about how many other “predictions” there have been about the end of the world. But I think people are just scared and they wanna know like the exact date of when the world will end so they’re prepared. But I would rather not know, too scary for me and it’s a waste of time to worry about it.

Answer #4

No I don’t want it to end right now. I want my children to actually get to experience the fullness of life. The good and the bad that comes with it. I myself have lots more I want to accomplish in life. Two years ago I got out of an abusive marriage, and I feel I have only really began to live my life since then so I’ll be real sad if the world were to end now.

Answer #5

I’m not really bothered whether it does end or not. There is nothing we can do about it, so we may as well just ride the wave! I must admit, I am intrigued with all of the 2012 stuff. I find it very interesting.

Answer #6

Absolutly not i want to live a long life and actually get todo things

Answer #7

No! D:

Answer #8

yes i do

Answer #9

No. Y wud u ask a stupid question like that?

Answer #10

No one wants the world to end…. if they do then they are probably hating life….. however as long as this earth is touched by time, then there will be an end.

However, I think an end is necessary. If we see an end then we will strive to use the time we have.

And what you’re asking is for people to just look at the bright side. Well some can some can’t. It’s human nature

Answer #11

Try reading the description she wrote instead of being rude.

Answer #12

Thank you Colleen. It seems that you are the first person to read it properly.

Answer #13

i dont. but if it ends who cares were all going together haha

Answer #14

I do not want it to end. but it dose seem like people are always trying to come up a reason for why the world will end.

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