Why doesnt any body think god is real

I think he is real and that he cured my athsma that is enough evidence for me jesus saves

Answer #1

How about all those other people that have asthma, or even more serious conditions such as aids and cancer?

Why would a god create such horrible diseases such as the Ebola virus?

Not saying that there is no God. But by saying “He Cured My Asthma” you are making a poor unintelligent and hasty generalization. Also based off your claim, that also means that God gave you Asthma in the first place. Why does he give people horrible illnesses like this?

Like I said before, I’m in no way saying that there is no god. It just annoys the hell out of me when people don’t think for themselves and learn more. I will use the metaphor “How does a radio work? Because God made it work.” God gave your intelligence so that you could use it, not follow him blindly, make choices for yourself, be your own person. You don’t have to go to church to ‘recharge your battery” Do what you think feels right, THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Answer #2

Such prejudice is largely based on the following verse from the New Testament ergo eimi ha hodos kai ha alatheia kai ha zoa; oudeis erketai pros ton patera ei ma di emou “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father expect through me.” (Matt. 14:6) However, this is a rather slender peg on which to hang one’s religious intolerance. Especially since the original Greek renders the verse a bit differently than cited above- although the above translation is the one you would probably find in the Bible. The Greek word erketai is extremely present tense. So, rather than “comes” as the word is rendered above, it would more accurately be “can presently come.” This, of course, changes the whole meaning. Jesus is actually saying, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one can presently come to the Father except through me.” Thus, Christian exclusivity becomes absurd. Unlike the interpretations pushed upon us by Bible-thumpers- who say that surrender to Jesus is the only way, for all time-Jesus simply said that he was the way presently, at that time, in Palestine 2,000 years ago. Says Dr. Boyd Daniels of The American Bible Society, “Oh, yes. The word erketai is definitely the present tense form of the verb. Jesus was speaking to his contemporaries.”

Answer #3

I guess Im the oly person who believes hes real on FunAdvice.Think of it this way :if were evovled from apes,who created the apes?

Answer #4

Most people do and those that say he is not is very foolish. He is an exaulted Man As is his Son Jesus Christ We were made in there image see Genesis 1; 26-27

Answer #5

I think that god is as real as any other thing in this world. You may not able to physically see god, but he’s always in your presence. I don’t understand why a lot of people don’t believe in god. I might not go to church every sunday, but I believe. That doesn’t make me any more less of a person than I already am. I’m with you all the way! God is real and nobody can do anything about that.

Answer #6

“…he cured my athsma…”

While he let’s millions starve to death. I am glad to see god has his priorities sorted out.

Tell me - why has god never cured an amputee?

Answer #7

I don’t consider your asthma remission any kind of evidence of a god, although I’m glad to hear you’re better.

kaylee, can you think of any alternative explanations other than “god healed me”? I can.

Answer #8

HE DID NOT CURE YOUR ASSMA! why, you ask BECAUSE HE ISNT REAL! so you think “god” or lets say “dog”(god backwards) created the earth… well then why did he create me and lots of other people that dont believe in him? FYI: about 99% of the world doesnt believe in the same god or dog as you. I am not trying to be mean. I am simply standing up for what I believe.

Answer #9

why? well because it is pretty difficult to proove. Last I checked, it’s been 2000 years since he was reported to have talked to anyone. Religion is based completely on FAITH.

however… the only thing just as hard to proove… is that he DOESNT exsist.

So, its up to you what to believe, theres no way of knowing for sure.

Answer #10

me too!!! I had terrible asthma but then I went to church camp this last summer and god healed me… also another thing that happend at camp is that there was this guy in a wheelchair and EVERYONE gathered around and started praying for him.. the speaker told him to get up and walk.. and guess what he did. he got up and walked… well ran!!! haha it was one of the most amazing experiances ever

Answer #11

hey, I know what your trying to say. I had a terribel asthma too and I know God cured me. I know he cured me and you, no doubt =] I dont know why some some people give up on their creator. All they need is patience because God dosent answer everones prayers immdiately. I should know because I’ve been through it… People usually giveup on God but God NEVER givesup on them. Plus, when I feel like the whole freaking world is pressing on me all I do is “talk” to God. and he dose answer back!!!

Answer #12

wow, yet another religious question where people share their opinions and then get put down for thoughts…

how sad

Answer #13

* “if were evovled from apes,who created the apes?”

If we were fashioned from dirt by God, who created God?

Answer #14

Hey Paul, what makes he bible true?

Answer #15

The better question is, why did god give you asthma in the first place?

Also, why does god never cure amputees?

Answer #16

I don’t believe God cured your asthma. Coincidence, pure and simple.

Answer #17

lmfao. and thats really all I need to say

Answer #18

horrormusic, please keep the rude comments to yourself…

Answer #19

its not that he or she dosent exsist its if you belive or not

Answer #20

I dont agree with catzrock or watever her username Iz I think God is real and I beleive in him

Answer #21

catzrock3427, your the one whose weird…no offence lol

Answer #22

catzrock3427, your the one whose weird…no offence lol

Answer #23

Because Satan has done a number on mankind…

Answer #24

There are so many reasons why people DON’T believe in this so called “God.”

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