why people think god is real or why they do not?

I would like to know why people think god is real or why they do not. Basicly the question is. Is god real?

Answer #1


It’s believed that matter has always existed and always will exist

“Where did God come from?” you tell me, you’re the one who believes in him

There is no evidence supporting that souls even exist, however, if they do, there’s more than the biblical religions who claim it. It’s believed to be energy. Love is explained by science. It’s a “chemical cocktail” in our brains in which these feelings spawn forth. I’m feeling lazy so here=> “First, we will acknowledge the current data. According to scientific research, emotions are generated during the process of meeting and falling in love

because of chemical reactions that occur in our bodies. For example, whenever you first meet someone and feel attracted, your brain creates phenyl ethylamine, known as the “love drug.” Dopamine and norepinephren are two more chemicals that arise from just thinking loving thoughts about another. Those two help us to feel excited and interested enough to actually touch or kiss someone, and that sets off more chain reactions, beginning with serotonin, which produces feelings of relaxation. Now the door to trust is open.

If you continue to snuggle with this chemically stimulating person, then oxytocin is created. Oxytocin causes us to feel connected to those we hug or touch on a regular basis, such as our spouses and family members. Vasopressin, another powerful chemical, then ties many of our feelings to memories, and these help us to stay connected to the ones we love. Vasopressin has been credited for making human beings monogamous.”

Google it. And we did NOT evolve from apes, we evolved from a common ancestor. Again, look it up.

The feeling you get from praying can be simulated by regular meditation. Scientist have also explained this feeling. One of your lobes in your brain are cut off inducing this state and feeling. Again, look it up. I’ve had similar feelings when I prayed to the biblical God and then later in life when I started praying to a pagan God.

Answer #2

I believe god is real because their is so much to life we can not explain.

How do you make the leap from , ‘I can’t explain this’ to ‘it must be god’? Just because there are things we can’t explain (yet), does not mean there is some supernatural explanation. There have been many discoveries that have proved religion to be completely wrong, and none that have proven god exists.

okay, so those of you that believe e in the big bang theory. well, can I ask you where did that matter come from? to create that big bang?

Again, just because we don’t know exactly how it happened is not evidence of the existence of a creator. The big bang was probably a natural phenomenon that we haven’t figured out yet. The matter may have always existed. It may be going through a perpetual expansion and contraction, and we are in the middle of one of those cycles.

I believe in god because how do you explain a soul?

You know no more about the existence of a soul as you do the existence of a god. There is no proof either exist.

or love how can you explain it?

Easy. It is an emotion that one feels towards those they are closest to.

how can you explain the human mind?

Easy. We have brains that are capable of memory, reason, and compassion. We also have the capability to be cruel, evil, and stupid. Has nothing to do with god though.

if we came from apes why are apes still not evolving? why are their still apes if we spring from them?

Who said they aren’t? We did not evolve from apes. We evolved separately from a common ancestor. Evolution is not an if. It has been proven to occur.

pray ina church just one time see the feeling you get.

What makes you think most atihiests haven’t? I spent plenty of time praying in church, and never felt a thing.

Answer #3


It is truly amazing how the Lord God designed and created us!

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Answer #4

Is god real?

Nobody knows… because its unknowable. That’s how it is, how its always been, and how it always will be.

With all my heart, I know He is.

No… you BELIEVE… there IS a difference…

Answer #5

I dont believe in God, bu ti dont not believe in him. Whatever is true is true. I know Nobody is going to figure out if he exists my lifetime, so I honestly dont give a crap. I am sort of leaning to the “god doesnt exist” side. But all religions have one major goal, make everyone a better person and make the world a better place. So it honestly doesnt matter. Just my opinon.

Answer #6

With all my heart, I know He is. As far as science goes, theres so much of the natural you can get before you hit the supernatural. For example quantamacanics contradics the theory of relativity. Both widely accepted by scientist, but a mystery none the less. Quantumacanics also proves what we consiter impossible, yet evidence and scientific knowlage back it up, just as it does the theory of relativity. We’re not going to have answers to everything, and some things will appear less indirect, yet will show to millions to be true. Also experience has tought me that God is faithful, and He ALWAYS comes thro for me, even when it didnt feel like it at the time.

Answer #7

Your question topic has been discussed to death on this site…Everyone has their own opinions on whether God exists or not…So if one chooses to believe He does, then He certainly does…If you don’t believe God exists then obviously the answer is no.

Personally, I think the man upstairs exists and I’m glad He’s in my life. :)

Answer #8

^ yea know.

I NEVER thought about how God was created. cause SOMETHING would have had to create him right? and something would have had to create that SOMETHING too, right? and so on and so forth.

Answer #9

tbh with you mate I’ve given up on the whole subject …

if the scientific theory is right then what created the big bang? if god is real then who created god? gods dad?

it will go on forever

my advice is make up your own mind and dont let anyone else convince you otherwise as there is no proof either way.

Answer #10

I believe god is real because their is so much to life we can not explain. okay, so those of you that believe e in the big bang theory. well, can I ask you where did that matter come from? to create that big bang?

in the bible it said ‘’ that we can not comprehend god or understand the alpha, omega of god’’. I always wonder well, who crated god? where did he come from?

I believe in god because how do you explain a soul? or love how can you explain it? how can you explain the human mind? if we came from apes why are apes still not evolving? why are their still apes if we spring from them? pray ina church just one time see the feeling you get.

Answer #11

I know 2000 believe because of this



doubt any of it’s real, there’s nothing really to support it. All claims lead to dead ends. But it’s still an interesting story, specially do to the fact 2000 people converted, lol. Though in either case, real or not, hell isn’t suppose to open until judgement, Hades is always open.

I am NOT a believer in the bible, as for God(s)/Goddess(es), I can’t say I do or don’t believe nor do I put to much effort into caring. If they exist, kool, if they don’t, oh well.

Answer #12

well ,I think you should go deeper than this … you should go through religions ,,read more any religion would do !! because you will at least understand more than just listening to this and that ! try not to think who created God in the first place ,think beyond this thought as u ‘d never find an answer it will just pull you backwards !!… I chose Islam !! its workin great for me .. z people are not as they should be but its a great religion =] hope you find your path soon =D

Answer #13

Because God is.

Answer #14

Nah. There aren’t any gods. …no leprechauns either.

Answer #15

READ THE BIBLE, see for yourself

“For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools”

Answer #16

You know longer have to wonder about this. IN CONTRAST TO POPULAR BELIEVE, that is based upon faith and delusion. Nowdays we have science. Scientists actually do wonder the same stuff we do but instead of accepting the same controled brainwashed, child like believes like ( santa clause, talking snakes,or God) we do, there are scienctist who use science to find proof of answers based on, evidence OR facts AND NOT JUST IRRATIONAL OPINONS alone. EXAMPLES OF FACTS THAT ACTUALLY EXIST OR (EVOULOUTION, DINOSOURS, FOSSILS, DNA) faith is based on opinon alone, if YOU ignore truth then might as well stop questoning what does not make sense about religion “ just have faith “ OR prepare to learn what “ IS “ acceptIng what makes since and research scientific proof . This is actually easier then it sounds ( even though religion hurts and slows society more then most people know!) ONCE ONE CAN ALLOW THEMSELVES to see things for what they actually are, and then realize there is nothing wrong with that EVERYTHING THEN BECOMES CLEAR! Religion is delusion on a massive scale without people even asking “ why .” Either way PLEASE take time to examine whatever it is you decide to invest you’re believes in , READ THE BIBLE, see for yourself, then get back to me on just how repulsive, vilolent, and ridicoulus it is to you!

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