Do you think the body turns to ashes?

Do jewish and muslims burn the body when someone dies?

Answer #1

No muslims dont cremate bodies… I dont believe jews do either…

Apart from indians (probably hindus, although I dont know this for sure) and now some people in the western countries, I dont think its really a tradition among any other group…

Answer #2

I am Jewish, and we do not believe in cremation. My best friend is Muslim, and they do not cremate either. By the way, the term for someone who is Jewish is a Jew, not “Jewish” as you stated in your question :)

Answer #3

to tamma 1387: me too!!!

Answer #4

to tamma1387: me too!!!

Answer #5

I no that muslims dont because im a muslim :) indians do tho

Answer #6

thats called cremation, most people do it because its less expensive than burrying a body etc.

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