What do you think god wants you to do with your career

I ask this because allot of times we dont focus on him when we are picking a career when you do prey about what he wants you to do and listen to what he says he can show it through all kinds of things weather a person talkin to you or a sign or a random thout in your head that seems to be leading you toards bein more like him I just want to know what us youth think god jesus is leading you to become because

Answer #1

If there were some god up there trying to direct your life, he would succeed in doing it, no matter what career you picked.

So, it’s all up to you. It might not hurt to listen to that voice in your head though, because that’s your subconscious weighing in with its opinion.

Answer #2

Seriously? If there was a god, and he had some specific career path in mind for me (and how ego-centric is THAT?), I think he’d be perfectly able to make it clear what I was supposed to do without me having to sit down and pretend to talk to him in my head.

Answer #3

I think thats what a “calling” is

Answer #4

Don’t want to be snippy here… but @37373737373 in order to have a great career, you’ve got to improve that spelling.

Your possibilities of getting hired at whatever career you want, just went down a peg because of that… Jesus notwithstanding. He ain’t going to make your grammar and spelling correct. That’s up to you.

Answer #5

lol sorry about the spellin im workin on it im dislexic

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