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What if we didn't begin marriage the way God intended?

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I have been with my husband for 7 years this May. Married to him for 4 years this month. We have 3 children the oldest will be 6 in June. As you can see, we obviously didn't do this the way God intended. I know what the bible says about divorce, and frankly I don't want to divorce, but have been contemplating because we live in two different states and he says we won't be together anytime soon.

I used to believe it was God's will that we were together, particularly b/c of our first child. I want to have faith that this is forever, but I fear my husband has given up on the marriage. I've read a lot today on what God says about marriage.

What do you feel God believes about my marriage? Do the rules on divorce differ because of the way we began? I know what I think and I'm looking for confirmation.