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Is there any way that the god Horus and Jesus were the same?

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Personally i believe in Jesus not in horus,but it could be that for egyptians Jesus would be horus, and they only changed their name, also there is no proof that horus really existed, for jesus we can say that his face is in that shroud of turin,by the way why this god horus is so popular if he is from egypt, i mean is so popular that we have it in our dollar bill, i have so many questions about this,so the people who love horus has a religion like christians or something.Because we could put the face of jesus in our dollar bill and that would be cool, also i dont know if this God horus was bad or not and he was only taken for some groups like an image i wonder if this group would have chosen Jesus like their symbol instead of that eye maybe it would be different, but then is when i get confused about so finally i choose Jesus all the way. What do you think? Tell me please thank you.